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The judgment of Paris, probably by Master IP, Salzburg, Passau or Regensburg, c. 1530

The monogrammist IP or master IP (* around 1490; active until after 1530) was a German carver .

life and work

The monogrammist IP can be assumed for the second decade of the 16th century in the trading city of Passau . A contact to the court painter of the Bishop of Passau, Wolf Huber , can be proven on the basis of the hand drawings used by Huber in the works of the monogrammist IP. Possibly he is identical with the master of the Irrsdorfer altar wings .

The graphic templates that were available in the workshop of the monogrammist IP for his designs come from contemporary artists such as Albrecht Dürer , Albrecht Altdorfer , Lucas Cranach the Elder and from the Cranach workshop and Michael Ostendorfer . Ornamental templates used continue to refer to templates from Nuremberg minor masters .

The monogrammist IP was one of the most important minor masters of his time in the southern German-speaking area and also carried out altar orders. He is assigned to the Danube School. The iconographic program of the altars in his workshop shows that this picture carver is a humanistically educated artist who was shaped by the theological tendency that determined the Christian thinking of humanism . The human being is in the foreground in the representations of the monogrammist IP. In terms of style, the monogrammist IP is indebted to the Renaissance style in terms of the form of the reredos and the decoration .


Fall of Man / Paradise Lost , Master IP (circle), Liebieghaus, Frankfurt am Main, Inv. No. 587 and 430

Works signed with IP :

  • Lamentation: relief, pear wood, around 1525, 19.5 × 15.5 cm (St. Petersburg, Hermitage, N. sk. 1540)
  • Visitation: relief, pear wood, around 1523, 14 × 11 cm (Prague, National Gallery,
  • Fall of Man: Relief, pear wood, 1521, 16 × 12.5 cm (Vienna, Austrian Gallery,

Attributed works (selection):

  • Anne altar : linden wood, around 1523, 194 × 166 cm (Krumau / Cesky Krumlov , castle,
  • Epitaph altar from Zlíchov: linden wood, after 1526 (Prague, National Gallery, P4677, VP 772 - VP 776)
  • Pair of jointed dolls: full plastic, boxwood, around 1525, height 23 cm (Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum, 415, P 416)
  • Johannes altar: pear wood, after 1530, approx. 5.90 m (Prague, Tyn Church )
  • Martyrdom of St. Sebastian: full sculpture, pear wood, after 1525, 20.5 × 20 cm (Berlin, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 44)
  • Fall of Man: Relief, pear wood, after 1525, 62.5 × 46.5 cm (Gotha, Schlossmuseum Friedenstein, / P29)
  • Fall of Man: Relief, pear wood, around 1530, 19.9 × 16.5 cm (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum,


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