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The Moosalp ( Valais German : z'Moos ) is the alp of the civic community of Törbel .

View through the "Törbeltelli" (below the Augstbordhorn)

It is located at 2048  m above the communities of Bürchen , Törbel and Zeneggen with a view to the south of both the Mischabel group with the cathedral , the fifth highest mountain in Switzerland ( 4545  m ), and the Weisshorn group , and to the north of the imposing Bietschhorn . The Moosalp has developed into a popular and highly frequented excursion destination high above the Rhone Valley due to its location, the tranquility and the mountains . The Moosalp is also the beginning of the “Törbeltelli”, which extends to the Augstbordhorn and has an altitude difference of 1000 m.


Vegetation history

In the last Ice Age, glaciers formed the Moosalp area into a rounded hump landscape . After the glaciers retreated around 12,000 years ago, the moors formed in the depressions between the round humps made of gneiss . The region is characterized by a light larch-stone pine forest, the structure of which was formed by the free movement of cattle. The dwarf shrub shark , the most important representatives of which are the rust alpine rose and the dwarf juniper , is typical .


The Moosalp tourist area is used all year round, as a ski area in winter and as a hiking area in summer.

Summer offers


In summer, the Moosalp-Törbel hiking area offers an extensive network of hiking trails over 75 km in length, with high-altitude trails (e.g. the Moosalp-Junge high-altitude trail ), smaller mountain tours and easy hikes to neighboring villages and beautiful vantage points with views of the valley and up an imposing mountain world. The “Stand” vantage point is particularly popular, from which one has an outstanding view of the surrounding four-thousand-meter peaks in the Valais and Bern.

Nature reserve

Some parts of the Moosalp are under nature protection. The nature reserve covers an area of ​​1.5 km² with 11 different moor biotopes. There are both raised and flat moors, which are among other things under national nature protection.

Alpine lift / cow fights

Cow on the Moosalp

At the beginning of summer there is also the alpine lift, in which over 100 cows are brought to the Moosalp. The alpine procession is accompanied by cow fights and a small folk festival.

Alpine festival

In summer, the traditional Alpine Festival takes place on the last Sunday of July every year, during which a folkloric parade takes place and attracts up to 5000 visitors.

Winter offers

Ski facilities

On the Moosalp you will find a snow-sure and varied ski area in winter, which is part of the Bürchen / Törbel ski area. This includes 9 tow and ski lifts and a chair lift with a total of over 25 km of slopes. Cross-country skiers Moosalp of the 8-km cross-country skiing are on the high plateau country trail from a beautiful view of the highest four-thousand of Switzerland. There are also ski hiking opportunities on the Augstbordhorn ( 2972  m ) for advanced skiers and on the Moosalp for beginners.

A new chairlift to the Moosalp has been completed for the 2007/08 season.


Snowshoeing is a particular pleasure. With snowshoes you can hike in an hour through a snow-covered landscape to the “Stand” vantage point, from where you can see the Bernese Alps with the Aletsch Glacier and the Bietschhorn , the Simplon Mountains and the highest Valais four-thousanders.


The Ticino architect Mario Botta , together with the parish of Törbel, planned the construction of a chapel on Moosalp, which should be dedicated to Mother Teresa . The inauguration was planned for 2010, the year in which Mother Teresa would celebrate her 100th birthday. This project was prevented by the Swiss landscape protection agency. After the Cantonal Court of Valais rejected the complaint of the Swiss Landscape Protection Agency, the Federal Court corrected this decision and refused to allow the parish of Törbel to build the chapel.


Moosalp can be reached by car in both summer and winter. During the summer, the post bus runs between Stalden - Törbel -Moosalp and between Visp - Bürchen -Moosalp, and during winter the Stalden-Törbel valley station ski lift (on Sundays and public holidays up to the Moosalp).

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