Must gum eucalyptus

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Must gum eucalyptus
Must gum eucalyptus

Must gum eucalyptus

Order : Myrtle-like (Myrtales)
Family : Myrtle family (Myrtaceae)
Subfamily : Myrtoideae
Tribe : Eucalypteae
Genre : Eucalyptus ( eucalyptus )
Type : Must gum eucalyptus
Scientific name
Eucalyptus gunnii

The must gum eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus gunnii ) is a species of the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). It occurs exclusively in Tasmania and is called "cider gum" there.


Leaves and flowers

Appearance and leaf

The must gum eucalyptus grows as a tree. The smooth bark is white, gray or green. There are oil glands in both the bark and the marrow.

In Eucalyptus gunnii , heterophyllia is present. The opposite, sitting leaves on middle-aged specimens have a simple, egg-shaped to circular, straight, entire and dull gray-green leaf blade. The single-colored, glossy green leaves on adult specimens are relatively thick, broadly lanceolate or elliptical, straight with a tapering base of the blade and a rounded or edged upper end. The hardly discernible side nerves stern at an acute angle. The cotyledons have an inverted kidney shape and bilobed.

Inflorescence, flower and fruit

A simple inflorescence that contains three flowers stands on the side of an inflorescence stem with a cross-section that is strongly flattened or angular with a diameter of up to 3 mm .

The flower bud is cylindrical or club-shaped and floured blue-green. The hermaphrodite flower is radially symmetrical with a double flower envelope . The sepals form a calyptra that falls off early. The smooth calyptra is hemispherical, as long and as wide as the smooth flower cup (hypanthium). The flowers are white or cream in color.

The fruit is cylindrical or urn-shaped. The disc is indented and the fruit compartments are included.


Distribution area

Eucalyptus gunnii occurs only in Tasmania on the plains and slopes of the central highlands at altitudes of up to 1100 meters, as well as occasionally south of Hobart .


The first description of Eucalyptus gunnii was made in 1844 by the British botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker under the title Note on the Cider Tree in London Journal of Botany , Volume 3, page 499. The type material has the label " on the elevated tablelands of the interior of Tasmania , especially in the neighborhood of the lakes (Gunn. n. 1084, 1080, 1082) ".

There are two subspecies:

  • Eucalyptus gunnii subsp. divaricata (McAulay & Brett) BMPotts ( Syn . : Eucalyptus divaricata McAulay & Brett, Eucalyptus whittingehameii Landsb., Eucalyptus gunnii var. undulata Rehder, Eucalyptus gunnii var. montana Hook.f., Eucalyptus perriniana RTBaker & nom. HG. nom. HG.
  • Eucalyptus gunnii Hook.f. subsp. gunnii , (Syn .: Eucalyptus gunnii Hook.f. var.gunnii )
Leaves on young plants of the cultivar Eucalyptus gunnii 'Silver Drop'


The must gum eucalyptus is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks in the British Isles and some other parts of Western Europe. It can withstand low temperatures down to –14 ° C, briefly also down to –20 ° C.

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