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A cardinal (2nd from left) and three bishops in choir robes with Mozetta

A mozetta , including: mozzetta , (of . It mozzo "cut, trimmed '; Pl. Mozetten ) is up to the elbows-reaching, over the surplice worn shoulder collar usually for higher clergy of the Catholic Church . The Mozetta can be distinguished from the Pellegrina , the shoulder collar worn with a cassock and open at the front. In canons a small hood is found (so-called miniature hood.) Sewn to the mozetta generally; Bishops , on the other hand, always wear hooded mozettes.


Originally the Mozetta was a coat; this can also be seen in the (ornamental) hood that has been preserved on the papal Mozetta to this day. Today's “shoulder coat” is also closed by a row of buttons at the front. A hood would not be usable for a bishop with a bishop's hat ( Galero ). This is why this (decorative) hood is not used on the Episcopal Mozetta. Hoods are no longer common with other Mozettes either. Today the Mozetta is made of wool, rarely made of moiré silk .


The Mozetta is a liturgical garment and belongs to the choir clothing . It is worn over the choir shirt. The stole is worn over the mozetta, but only when the clergyman performs a priestly act, not when he is celebrating the service. An exception is the Pope, who often wears the Mozetta and stole outside of worship.

Simple clergy wear as well as the papal prelates ( Apostolic Proto notaries , Honorary Prelate of His Holiness and chaplains of His Holiness ) no mozetta, the Apostolic Proto notaries and the canons of St. Peter in Rome but instead mantelletta .


The color of the Mozetta expresses the rank of its wearer:

  • The Pope wears a red silk mozetta in summer , velvet with a white fur trim in winter, or a white damask mozetta , also with a white fur trim, during Easter . The last two variants were used by the Popes up to Paul VI. and from Benedict XVI. used.
  • Cardinals wear a scarlet mozetta with scarlet buttons (cardinal purple); The Archbishop of Salzburg also wears such a red mozetta as legatus natus (but only in his church province), even if he is not a cardinal (legate purple).
  • Bishops wear a purple mozetta with red buttons.
  • In many dioceses, the cathedral vicars and deans or deans wear a black mozetta with purple buttons and a purple hem . The canons or cathedral capitulars wear either a purple mozetta, as the bishops do, or a black mozetta with red buttons.
  • In the Archbishopric of Salzburg , the cathedral capitulars have been wearing a cherry-red Mozetta since it was established by Emperor Franz I in 1825. In the Diocese of Dresden-Meißen, too, cathedral capitulars wear a red mozetta instead of the black mozetta with purple piping on festive occasions as part of the festive choir clothing.
  • The higher religious clergy wear a Mozetta in the color of their habit , Benedictine abbots , for example, a black Mozetta with black buttons, and Premonstratensian abbots a white Mozetta.
  • According to the Acta Domus ecclesiae de titulo basilicae minoris of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments of November 9, 1989, the rector of a papal basilica ( Basilica minor ) wears a black silk, red piped Mozetta.
  • A Mozetta in different colors is sometimes also worn by members of canons' pens, collegiate chapters or members of different knight or canon orders, so that one cannot necessarily infer from the Mozetta that it belongs to the higher clergy, not even necessarily about the ordination of priests.


Pope Paul VI received at a private audience on May 4, 1964 from the American mink breeder organization Emba Mink Breeders Association a mozetta lined with white mink as a gift, which he accepted benevolently. He added: "Sometimes in winter it is very cold in church and then the Mozetta will warm me". It was made by the Maximilian company in New York, who had the pattern and the velvet come from Rome.


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