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Music retailer is a training occupation in Germany. Music retailers work in music stores , department stores or online mail order businesses .

job profile

The training occupation of the music retailer replaced the job description of the music retailer in 2009 with the reorganization of the BBiG Vocational Training Act . With the reorganization of the training , the content was expanded to take account of changes in the range , retail and information technology .

In addition to music , the music retailer sells musical instruments , music systems and sound carriers . The main focus of the music retailer's activity is demonstration and advice. He also places and presents goods , takes care of the subsequent purchase of goods , handles the cash and invoice transactions and takes care of the bookkeeping .


The training usually lasts three years. The prerequisite is a secondary school leaving certificate , in practice more and more secondary school students and high school graduates are hired. The ability to read notes and play an instrument is an advantage. During the training, you will specialize in a field of music retailer ( music , instruments and sound carriers ). There is only one vocational school for the music retailer, the state vocational school for violin makers and plucked instrument makers in Mittenwald . As a dual training, training to become a music retailer takes place both in a vocational school and in a training company. While in the vocational school, for example, content such as the analysis of the influence of fashion, sport and media on music trends is conveyed, the focus in the company is on practical work in sales and offices in the music and sound carrier trade.

Individual evidence

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