New Political Sciences

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New Political Sciences

description Series of publications
Area of ​​Expertise Political Science
language German
publishing company Mohr Siebeck Verlag
First edition 2005
Frequency of publication irregular
editor Hermann-Josef Blanke , Werner Jann and Holger Mühlenkamp
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The series of publications Neue Staatswissenschaften ( NStW ) has been published by Mohr Siebeck Verlag in Tübingen since 2005 .

The publication series was founded because, according to the editors, increasing globalization and the associated “de-sovereignty” of the state poses a challenge for science. Together, representatives of the political science disciplines , namely political scientists , legal scholars and sociologists , as well as representatives of finance , history and organizational theory , should interpret and explain the current processes affecting the state.

In addition to the classic political science topics, volumes were also devoted to topics such as wisdom and wise decisions.

Well-known scientists who have published in series include Jürgen Backhaus , Hermann-Josef Blanke (founder), Peter Collin , Werner Jann , Klaus König , Karl-Heinz Ladeur , Holger Mühlenkamp , Helge Peukert , Arno Scherzberg , Indra Spiecker Döhmann , Alexander Thumfart , Peter Walgenbach or Gerhard Wegner .

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