Niels Viggo Bentzon

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Niels Viggo Bentzon and Per Egholm (1986)

Niels Viggo Bentzon (born August 24, 1919 in Copenhagen ; † April 25, 2000 there ) was a Danish composer and pianist .

Jørgen Bentzon's cousin studied piano, organ and music theory with Knud Jeppesen at the Copenhagen Conservatory from 1938 to 1942 . At times he also took lessons from the jazz pianist Leo Mathisen . He worked as a teacher in Aarhus from 1947 and in Copenhagen from 1949 (from 1950 at the Copenhagen Conservatory).

The extremely productive composer - he left behind over six hundred works - took up the stylistic and technical innovations of modern music. Besides some operas , six ballets , 24 symphonies and numerous chamber music and instrumental works he composed pieces for prepared and tune piano, suites for Beat Ensemble, film, television and stage music and organized musical Fluxus - happenings . Bentzon belonged to the Hartmann musician dynasty and was through this u. a. related to Lars von Trier .



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  1. ^ According to Reclam Opernlexikon 2001/2004 (Directmedia Publishing GmbH) the following are named: Faust III 1964; Automat 1974; Bank boss 1979, Chamber Opera Savonarola 1986
  2. The catalog raisonné at composer bases lists 24 numbered symphonies (1942–1995)