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Drill bits with titanium nitride coating as wear protection.

Under Surface Technology is defined as the sum of all technologies for modifying the properties of surfaces.


The basic idea of ​​surface technology is the principle of functional separation between the volume of a component or a tool and its surface. The volume fulfills a primary function (mostly a certain shape, such as in the case of gears) and has other properties such as weight, strength, machinability, but also e.g. B. a low price. The surface can then be optimized for a specific requirement profile with the help of surface technology processes and thus fulfill other functions. It can be:

Since nowadays one material alone can hardly meet all the requirements placed on it, the separate optimization of the surface represents a major step forward.


A ceramic drill would last a very long time, but it would be brittle and would take a lot of effort to produce. Therefore, the primary form is made of steel, which can still be easily machined, and the necessary wear protection is added through a coating.

Steels that are used for the bodies of cars have very good crash behavior and are also inexpensive, but not corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, but more expensive and less strong. Therefore, one resorts to the first solution and provides the steel sheets with corrosion protection, e.g. B. by galvanizing and painting .


Continuous blasting machine for the surface treatment of workpieces

In terms of process engineering, the surface technology processes appear alongside the classic manufacturing processes of primary forming , forming , cutting and joining with two further process classes:

Indeed, the surface engineering processes are sometimes mixed forms, e.g. B. Blasting is cutting , deforming and solidifying. In addition, methods of surface treatment or surface treatment are sometimes also counted as surface technology, e.g. B. simple slide grinding . Others are not part of process engineering because they do not change the substance, e.g. B. Degreasing .

Common processes, roughly grouped according to their order in the production process:

The workpieces can be processed individually, on the frame or in the drum.


Buildings in hot areas have been whitewashed for thousands of years in order to better reflect the incident sunlight and to keep the interior cool. Bringing freshly forged swords to dung heaps, where the surface layer of the steel is enriched with nitrogen and thus harder, is a technique that has been practiced for a long time, which shows that surface technology has very old roots.


In Austria, surface technology is a recognized apprenticeship with five specializations. The training period is 3.5 years each. The specializations are as follows:

  • Enamel technology: coating of metals with enamel.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing: coating of metals with heated zinc.
  • Powder coating: coating of metals with organic substances or plastics
  • Electroplating: refining and embellishing surfaces
  • Mechanical surface technology: Machine refinement of surfaces


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