Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti

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Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti
Ordinary people and independent people
Party leader Igor Matovič
speaker Matúš Bystriansky
founding October 28, 2011
Headquarters Bratislava
Alignment Conservatism
Christian Democracy
Catch-All Party
Direct Democracy
Colours) Light green, gray
Parliament seats
( National Council , 2020 )
Number of members 45 (2020)
EP Group Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) (EPP)
Website obycajniludia.sk

Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti ( Slovak for common people and independent persons , or Obyčajní ľudia , abbreviation OĽaNO or ) is a conservative protest party in Slovakia . OĽaNO is represented by 53 members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic .


In the 2010 parliamentary elections , OĽaNO members ran at the bottom of the list of Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS). Four OĽaNO members were elected to parliament by preferential votes . The OĽaNO MPs joined the SaS group and supported the Iveta Radičová government . After the group's spokesman, Igor Matovič, voted in a vote on a new citizenship law with the opposition SMER - sociálna demokracia , he was expelled from the parliamentary group.

On November 11, 2011, the association was registered as an independent party.

For the early parliamentary election in 2012 , the OĽaNO ran its own list. The 150 candidates also included members of the Slovak Pirate Party . The parliamentarians elected in 2010 ran for the last four places on the list. The OĽaNO landed in third place with 8.55% of the vote and 16 mandates.

In the 2016 parliamentary elections , the party won 19 of the 150 seats in the National Council of Slovakia with 11.0% of the vote.

OĽaNO was able to achieve one seat in both the 2014 European elections and the 2019 European elections . In the legislature from 2014, the party joined the group of European Conservatives and Reformers . After the 2019 election, OĽaNO MEP Peter Pollák joined the Christian Democratic EPP Group .

In the 2020 parliamentary election , the party received 25.0% of the vote and became the strongest force in the National Council of Slovakia with 53 of the 150 seats. They agreed a center-right coalition with Sme rodina , Sloboda a Solidarita and Za ľudí . Matovič was elected Prime Minister , OĽaNO, the largest coalition partner, has seven ministers in his cabinet .

Overview of election results

Election results OĽaNO
year choice Share of the vote Parliament seats space position
2012 SlovakiaSlovakia National Council election 2012 8.6%
3. opposition
2014 EuropeEurope European elections 2014 7.5%
4th -
2016 SlovakiaSlovakia National Council election 2016 11.0%
3. opposition
2019 EuropeEurope European elections 2019 5.3%
5. -
2020 SlovakiaSlovakia National Council election 2020 25.0%
1. government

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