Oi to the World!

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Oi to the World!
Studio album by The Vandals


October 8, 1996

Label (s) Kung Fu Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Punk rock

Title (number)


running time


  • Dave Quackenbush: vocals
  • Warren Fitzgerald: guitar, keyboards
  • Joe Escalante: Bass


Warren Fitzgerald

The Quickening
Oi to the World! Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

Oi to the World! (also Christmas with the Vandals ) is a Christmas album by the punk band The Vandals . It was released in 1996 through Kung Fu Records .


The Vandals, known as a fun punk band, released their first Christmas album in 1996 with mostly self-composed titles that tied up with the subject in a humorous way. The title Christmas Time for my Penis is a Christmas hymn to the penis , the title My First Xmas as a Woman deals with the topic of sex reassignment and Grandpa's Last Xmas describes the imminent passing of her grandfather. Other topics include suicide ( Hang Myself from the Tree ) and consumer criticism ( I Don't Believe in Santa Clause ).


The album was released on October 8, 1996 on the independent label Kung Fu Records as CD and LP. Both editions came with a cardboard Christmas ball with anarchy A printed on it. The first version had Christmas decorations as the cover and had the two titles "Oi to the World" and "Christmas with the Vandals". In 2000 a second edition appeared, which was only called "Oi to the World" and showed a punk with a skinhead partying. This edition contained an additional track called Ouverture .

Oi to the World became a live favorite of the band, while the rest of the album's songs were rarely played live. However, The Vandals put on annual Christmas shows in Anaheim where the band played the full album. In 2002 a live DVD with one of these shows was released under the title Oi to the World! Live in concert . The DVD's audio track was released via Bandcamp as an album called Christmas Formal Live! published as well as in December 2013 as a stream. The live concert took place at the Grove Theater in Anaheim.

Track list

  1. A Gun for Christmas - 3:00
  2. Grandpa's Last Xmas - 2:09
  3. Thanx for Nothing - 2:07
  4. Oi to the World - 2:14
  5. Nothing's Going to Ruin My Holiday - 2:22
  6. Christmas Time for my Penis - 3:14
  7. I Don't Believe in Santa Claus - 1:31
  8. My First Xmas, as a Woman - 2:39
  9. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies - 1:18
  10. Here I Am Lord - 2:17
  11. CHRISTMAS - 1:43
  12. Hang Myself from the Tree - 6:26

Song info

CHRISTMAS is a cover version of The Yobs , the Christmas project of the British power pop band The Boys.

Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies is an adaptation of the pas de deux from the ballet The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky . The German title is dance of the sugar fairies .

Here I Am Lord is by Daniel L. Schutte , an American Christian songwriter who composes liturgical music. It is a well-known church piece, the text of which is based on ( Isa 6,8  EU ) and ( 1 SamEU ).

The Vandals played support for the band No Doubt on their Tragic Kingdom tour in 1996 . When No Doubt was supposed to participate in the benefit Christmas compilation A Very Special Christmas 3 , the proceeds of which will go to the Paralympics , they remembered the song and played it back. Walter Fitzgerald was the producer of the song.

Guest musician

The album includes a number of guest appearances:

  • Brooks Wakerman: drums at 1, 5, 7, 9
  • Erik Sandin: drums at 3, 8
  • Rat Scabies : drums at 2
  • Stan Freese: tuba
  • Jason Freese: saxophone
  • Suzanne LaRocque: cello
  • Christina Placilla: viola
  • Elizabeth Johnson: violin
  • Vidal Hulbert: violin


The alternative rock magazine Visions awarded eight out of twelve possible points and stated:

“Lyrically brilliant, musically not always, that's why only 8 points. But it's still better than the rubbish that the Toten Hosen brought in a few years ago. "

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic awarded two out of five stars and warned readers about the vulgar, pubescent humor of the group, for which one must have a certain weakness.

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