Olympia Lampertheim

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Olympia Lampertheim
Coat of arms of FC Olympia Lampertheim
Basic data
Surname Football Club Olympia 1909 Lampertheim eV
Seat Lampertheim
founding October 17, 1909
Colours Blue-white-black
Board Reinhard Wistuba (1st chairman)
Website www.olympia-lampertheim.de
First soccer team
Head coach Thomas Düpre
Venue Adam Günderoth Stadium
Places nb
league District league B Bergstrasse
2018/19 14th place

The FC 09 Olympia Lampertheim is a football club established in 1909 from the südhessischen Lampertheim near Mannheim . The sporting successes of footballers go back a few decades. In the two decades after World War II, the team in the upper classes played the Hessian football, won in 1948 the Hesse Cup and in 1951 and 1952 champion of the first amateur league Hesse . The club was able to hold its own in the top amateur league for six years, followed by a gradual departure from national football events. Since the late 1980s, FC Olympia 09 has only been represented in the district and district leagues of the Bergstrasse football district.


FC Olympia Lampertheim was founded on October 17, 1909 and two years later joined the South German soccer association VSFV . In the very first season, the FCO was champion of the C-class and the following year also the B-class, playing in the A-class Mittelrheingau, the second-highest league at the time. After the First World War Lampertheim became district champion of the Neckar District in 1923/24 and established himself in the second highest level in the following years up to the Second World War.

The club's successful era began in the years after the Second World War. Immediately after the end of the war, all clubs were dissolved and FC Olympia initially only existed as a division of the Lampertheim sports community , but became independent again in 1946. The county and district championships soon approached the Landesliga Hessen, which in the post-war years was the second division below the Oberliga Süd. The club from the asparagus city achieved its first big hit in the regional cup competition, the Hessen Cup . In its third edition in 1948, the team trained by Karl Vetter around Georg Schollmeier, Fritz Lauthenbach, Eugen Leuthner, Heinrich Keck and Jakob Bienefeld prevailed 3-2 in the final against the state division Hessen Kassel and thus secured the first national title the club's history. In the following season, 1948/49, FC Olympia failed in the promotion round to the national league at VfB Friedberg , a year later the blue-white-reds were able to qualify again for the promotion round. With only two wins in six games they would have failed again, but with the introduction of the II. Division as a new substructure for the Oberliga Süd, Olympia Lampertheim subsequently qualified at the "green table" for promotion to the - now third-class - 1st amateur league Hessen .

The opening game of the 1st amateur league against Rot-Weiss Frankfurt attracted 5,000 visitors, and with the 2-0 win in this game, the newcomer began a never expected series of wins. In the entire preliminary round, only one of 19 games was lost and with a 7-2 win over Hermannia Kassel , FC Olympia ended the round as Hessian champions. In the promotion round to the 2nd League South, however, the South Hesse failed significantly, with a 3-0 win over their Mannheim neighbors ASV Feudenheim only one victory. In the round of 1951/52 the FCO, now under Willi Pennig as trainer, was able to defend its title and thus made the second attempt at the 2nd division. But as in the previous year, the Hessian national champion was only able to beat one of the five opponents, 1. FC Amberg , in the promotion round . In the following season Olympia Lampertheim finished only 8th place, and after six years of membership in the Hessian House of Lords, after the season 1955/56 under coach Heinz Baas they were relegated to the 2nd amateur league.

When the group league was introduced in Hessen in 1965 as the new substructure of the Hessen league, Olympia Lampertheim initially missed the qualification and found itself at the district level. Under coach Günther Ratzel , an ex-Waldhof player, the promotion succeeded immediately, but the league was missed in the first year and it took until 1972 until the return to the group league was successful. In the fourth division, the FC Olympia occupied - with the exception of a third place in the promotion year - always midfield until you had to go to the district league at the end of the 1979/80 round and then passed through to the district league A. Conversely, in 1982/83 under Timo Zahnleiter and 1983/84 under Wolfgang Gayer a return to the regional league with two promotions in a row succeeded, but not least due to the sharply decreasing number of spectators, Olympia Lampertheim could not last long at this level and has been playing since the end of the 1980s only at district and district level, most recently in the district league C.

At times the club also had a boxing and athletics department, as evidenced by the career around the football field that still exists today. In 1982 a women's department was established. Today Olympia Lampertheim is a pure football club.


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