Omnibus traffic reins

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Omnibus traffic reins
Logo of omnibus traffic reins
Basic information
Web presence
Reference year 2011
legal form GmbH
Seat Desert red
founding 1931
Managing directors Alexander Zügel, Arlette Zügel, Matthias Zügel
Transport network HNV
sales € 2.5 million
bus 2
number of vehicles
Omnibuses 25th
Stops 59
Length of line network
Bus routes approx. 55 kmdep1
Operating facilities
Depots 2

Omnibusverkehr Zügel , based in Wüstenrot in the Heilbronn district, is a private bus company. The family business operates in regular services , occasional services and as a tour operator and operates a travel agency . Zügel operates two bus routes within the Heilbronn Hohenloher Haller Nahverkehr (HNV) . Regional Bus Stuttgart (RBS) also operates other scheduled trips as a subcontractor .


The company was founded in 1931 by Ernst Zügel, then 23 years old. He initially offered taxi rides and patient transports in a Hanomag car. Two years later he used a converted truck as the first bus . He took up a regular service between Heilbronn and Wüstenrot. The first bus came to Zügel in 1934, and a brand-new touring coach for the first time in 1935 . From 1936 to 1937, the fleet was expanded to include other used buses. Between 1939 and 1945 the buses were partly compulsory and converted to wood gasifiers due to a lack of fuel .

After 1945, competition developed between the Zügel line and Kraftpost , which also operated a line between Heilbronn and Wüstenrot. From 1987 on, the Bahnbus, as the successor to Kraftpost and Zügel, accepted each other's tickets on weekends and published each other's weekend trips. The cooperation between Heilbronn, the Sulmtal and the Löwensteiner Mountains with Regional Bus Stuttgart was strengthened from August 1st, 1989: From then on, tickets were mutually recognized on all weekdays and the timetables were coordinated. This model served as a model for further collaborations within the Heilbronn district.

On January 1, 2008, Omnibusverkehr Zügel took over the Auto Braun company from Bubenorbis , where Zügel's second depot is located today.



Zügel operates two bus routes within the HNV with its own license:

No. course
635 Willsbach - Löwenstein - Wüstenrot (together with Regional Bus Stuttgart)
636 Willsbach - Weiler - Reisach - Lichtenstern - Willsbach

Zügel buses operate on other HNV lines on behalf of Regional Bus Stuttgart.

Bicycle bus

After a trial phase in autumn 2011, Zügel used buses with a bicycle trailer for up to 20 bicycles on weekends and public holidays on weekends and public holidays from May 2012 to October 2012. With the support of the Heilbronner Land and Hohenlohe tourist associations, the Löwenstein Mountains were to be better developed for bicycle tourism in this way .

Individual evidence

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