Oriana (ship, 1896)

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Oriana p1
Ship data
flag United KingdomUnited Kingdom (trade flag) United Kingdom
Ship type Rear catcher
home port Glasgow
Shipyard Charles Connell & Company, Scotstoun
Launch 1896
Ship dimensions and crew
measurement 172 GRT
Machine system
machine 1 × steam engine
propeller 1 × propeller

The Oriana was a steam yacht built in 1896 and converted into an experimental fishing ship in 1946. With it the foundations for the construction of rear catchers were laid.



The ship was built in 1896 at the shipyard Charles Connell & Company in Scotstoun as the steam yacht Oriana for the CEO of the British shipping company Allan Line . During the First World War, the vehicle was chartered by the Royal Navy and used from September 22, 1914 to November 29, 1917 on the Firth of Clyde from Campbeltown, Rothesay, Ormidale and Gourock as an auxiliary guard. In December 1915, the ship was renamed Oriana II . During the Second World War, the ship was laid up in a shipyard in Holy Loch from 1939.

Use as a fishing ship

In 1946, a consortium bought the ship for £ 1,200 and had it converted into an experimental stern catcher with a stern towing device and gear . The converted ship was then used for extensive test drives and trials from Ailsa Craig to the Mull of Kintyre . By successfully completing the results encouraged the consortium acquired the 5000 for £ launched minesweeper HMS Felicity and made him the first commercially used bagging Fair Free rebuild.

As early as the 1950s, the stern catcher was becoming more and more popular as the standard design in fishing shipbuilding.


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