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Launched container ships in Wilhelmshaven in 2014
Paddle steamer launched in Lucerne in winter

A ship that is temporarily taken out of service is called a trailer .

Merchant ships

Merchant ships are launched, especially for economic reasons, if the supply of shipping space is not in sufficient demand over a longer period to achieve cost-covering freight rates . Laying up a ship can then be an economical way of keeping a ship that is temporarily not required in the fleet.

The hang-up can be short-term or last several years. Depending on the expected duration, the entire crew will be left on board or reduced to a prescribed minimum. In the port of Hamburg z. B. to keep at least four crew members on board, including at least one nautical officer and one marine engineer . If the ship remains operational while lay-up, one speaks of a warm lay-up , whereas the machinery is completely out of operation, a cold lay-up . In the case of long-term lay-in times, the drive (usually the machine) is sometimes also removed (see Hulk ). Ships that have laid up for several years are often not put back into service and are scrapped .

Ports where trailers are located benefit from the mooring fees, but these are lower than for ships that handle goods . Depending on the berth , requirements of the responsible authorities must be observed. From a certain minimum period of lay-in, the insurance companies are willing to reduce their premiums.

In Germany, during the oil crisis from 1975 to 1979 , the Geltinger Bay became known as a roadstead for trailers, as up to 14 super tankers were anchored here.


Laid-up warships in the James River , Virginia, USA

Warships are also laid up when they are not needed in peacetime. They are preserved in parts and can be reintegrated into the active fleet relatively quickly if necessary. These decommissioned ships form the reserve fleet . In the German Navy there was a reserve flotilla from 1969 to 1976 .

One also speaks of hanging up when a warship has already been finally decommissioned, but it is still needed as a spare part donor for the remaining units of the ship class . At the German Navy , these units will be placed in the naval arsenal until they are sold by Vebeg .


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