Otto Creutzfeldt

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Göttingen, Parkfriedhof Junkerberg, honor grave of Otto Creutzfeldt

Otto Detlev Creutzfeldt (born April 1, 1927 in Berlin ; † January 23, 1992 ) was a German neurophysiologist .


Creutzfeldt was the youngest son of the neurologist Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt , brother of the internist Werner Creutzfeldt (1924-2006) and grandson of Werner Sombart . He studied medicine at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg , where he received his doctorate in 1953 under Richard Jung on a topic in the field of neurophysiology . In 1962 he became an employee at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich, from 1965 he was director of the neurophysiology department. From 1971 until his death in 1992 he was director of the neurobiology department at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. In 1991 he was elected a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

Creutzfeldt trained a number of important neurobiologists, including the future Nobel Prize winner Bert Sakmann , the Cambridge professor Wolfram Schultz and the Max Planck directors Wolf Singer and Heinz Wässle . He was awarded the Ernst Hellmut Vits Prize in 1990 and the Zülch Prize in 1992 .


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