Pact of the Druids

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German title Pact of the Druids
Original title Brocéliande
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 2003
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Doug Headline
script Doug Headline
Benoît Lestang
production Doug Headline
music Sarry Long
camera Guillaume Schiffman
cut Sébastien Prangère

Pact of the Druids ( Brocéliande ) is a French horror film directed by Doug Headline , shot in 2002. The world premiere took place on January 8, 2003 in France. It had its video premiere in Germany on August 26th.


A dark secret is hidden in Brocéliande , an ancient forest in Brittany . Archeology student Chloé finds valuable Celtic cult objects during excavations here . She is captured more and more by the history of the druids and Celtic mythology - until two horrific murders occur in which Chloé is a witness. She realizes with horror that Samain , the night in which the world of the gods connects with that of men and the dead meet the living, is the center of a riddle that she must solve in order to escape death. Because whatever came to life beneath the surface of Brocéliande, it will find its next victim.


VideoWoche: Aside from the serial killer thrill or fantasy adventure a la Pact of Wolves , the film nation France has so far been much more covert when it comes to horror than, for example, England, Germany or Spain. Now, for the first time, young Gauls are knitting a campus body count, not without making ample use of the fairy tales and legends theme. Connoisseurs of the subject will be happy to receive a wide range of quotes from Hammer to Argento in a solidly staged horror pleasure.


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