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Doug Headline in 2010.

Doug Headline (* 30th October 1962 in Paris as Tristan Jean Manchette ) is a French journalist , publisher , screenwriter , director and comic book writer . He is the son of the writer Jean-Patrick Manchette .


Doug Headline grew up in a family of film and literature lovers. His father belongs to a generation of writers who renewed the French novel noir . He himself quickly became a film critic, first for Charlie Mensuel and later for Métal Hurlant . In the 1980s he continued to work for the press of the French counterculture and wrote for Charlie Hebdo , Rock & Folk, Actuel and above all for the cinema magazine Starfix, where he worked a lot with Christophe Gans .

From the mid to late 1980s, Headline also wrote playbooks such as Brother John's Saga , some of which were also translated into German. In 1987 he co-founded the publishing house Zenda, which translated entire series of American and English comics for French. In 1994 the publishing house was taken over by Glénat . Since the 1990s he has also worked as a producer and screenwriter for film and television.

After the death of his father, Doug Headline forced the republication of his work. Headline also works with Max Cabanes to adapt his father's novels to comics. For example, they published an undecided ending to La Princesse du Sang , an unfinished novel by Manchette. In 2014 the duo signed a contract with Dupuis and adapted first the mythical work Fatale and then the novel Nada .



  • 1998: All trash! - Hollywood on the Index (Hollywood Rated 'R')
  • 1999: Le Jour des Corbeaux
  • 2003: Pact of the Druids (Brocéliande)

Game books

  • La Saga du prêtre Jean (5 volumes 1986–1987 by Hachette , German: The saga of Brother John by Schreiber & Reader)


Adaptations of novels by Jean-Patrick Manchette , together with Max Cabanes .

  • La princesse du sang (2 volumes 2009, 2011 by Dupuis , German: Blutprinzessin by Schreiber & Reader )
  • Fatale (2014 by Dupuis, German: Fatale by Schreiber & Leser)
  • Nada (2018 at Dupuis, German: Nada at Splitter )


  • Chroniques , Jean-Patrick Manchette (2003 from Rivages, German: Chroniques. Essays on the novel noir from Distel)
  • Portrait in Noir , Jean-Patrick Manchette (2014 for Alexander )

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