Party of Independents

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The Party of Independents (PDU) was a political party from South Tyrol active in the 1970s and 1980s .


The PDU had its roots in the electoral association of the independents around the former SVP exponent Hans Dietl , who had unsuccessfully applied for a seat in the Italian Senate in 1972 as a package opponent . After a first unsuccessful Fall in 1973 the PDU was at the elections in 1978 , a residual mandate for the South Tyrolean state parliament and at the same time for the Regional Council of Trentino-Alto Adige win that Hans Lunger perceived. 1983 was Gerold Meraner sole deputy of the PDU. In 1987 it was transformed into the Freedom Party of South Tyrol , which in 1989 became part of the Union for South Tyrol .

The PDU presented itself as a "movement bound by Christian principles" without any specific ideological orientation. The initially rather liberal politics turned increasingly to right-wing conservatism in later years . Because of its populist agitation against “those up there”, the PDU can be seen as the first South Tyrolean protest party .