Regional Council Trentino-South Tyrol

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Regional Council Trentino-South Tyrol
Coat of arms of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-South Tyrol Boardroom
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Basic data
Seat: Trento and Bolzano
Legislative period : five years
First session: 1948
MPs: 70
Current legislative period
Last choice: BZ: October 21, 2018

TN: October 21, 2018

Next choice: 2023
Chair: Roberto Paccher ( LN )
Distribution of seats:
  • M5S 3
  • TK 6
  • Green 3
  • Futura 2
  • PD 6
  • UpT 1
  • PATT 4
  • SVP 15
  • F / AP 3
  • STF 2
  • Italian center-right 7
  • LN 18
  • Website

    The Regional Council Trentino-Alto Adige ( Italian Consiglio regional del Trentino-Alto Adige , Ladin Cunsëi dla Regiun Autonoma dl Trentino-Alto Adige ) is the legislative body of the Autonomous Region of Trentino Alto Adige in Italy . It has existed since the foundation of the Trentino-South Tyrol region in 1948 and today has one seat each in Trentino and South Tyrol . The meetings of the regional council are convened during the first half of a legislative period (two and a half years) initially in the official building of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-Alto Adige in Trento , and during the second half in the state parliament building in Bolzano . Its main tasks include the enactment of regional laws and the election of the regional government of Trentino-South Tyrol .


    As a result of the First Statute of Autonomy in 1948, the Trentino-South Tyrol region received the status of an autonomous region with expanded competencies. The regional council elected every four years at the time exercised the relevant legislative powers.

    After the adoption (1971) and entry into force (1972) of the Second Statute of Autonomy , most competencies were shifted to the provincial level of Trentino and South Tyrol . The regional council, which was almost deprived of power and is now elected every five years, subsequently lost much of its political importance.

    Since the constitutional reform of 2001, he is no longer directly elected.

    Composition of the regional council

    The regional council consists of 70 mandataries. It is composed of the 35 members of the South Tyrolean parliament and the 35 members of the Trentino parliament .


    The regional council is administered and directed by a presidium composed of a president, two vice-presidents and presidential secretaries. All functionaries are elected by the state parliament from its own ranks. The term of office of the regional council president is two and a half years, so that a representative of the German as well as the Italian language group can hold the chair during the five-year legislative period. In principle, both language groups also have the option of agreeing on a Ladin-speaking representative as president. The two vice-presidents must each be elected from those MPs who do not belong to the language group of the president (a German-speaking regional council president must therefore be assisted by an Italian-speaking and a Ladin-speaking vice-president, for example).

    The possibility of electing a Ladin regional council president or vice-president has only existed since Constitutional Law No. 2/2001 was passed. Until then, these offices were reserved for the German and Italian language groups.

    choice Legislative
    Regional Council President Regional Council Vice President
    Regional council election 1948 I.
    Regional council election 1952 II.
    Regional council election 1956 III.
    Regional council election 1960 IV.
    Regional council election 1964 V.
    Regional council election 1968 VI.
    Regional council election 1973 VII.
    Regional council election 1978 VIII.
    Regional council election 1983 IX.
    Regional council election 1988 X.
    Regional council election 1993 XI.
    Regional council election 1998 XII.
    State elections 2003
    Trentino and South Tyrol
    State elections 2008
    Trentino and South Tyrol
    State elections 2013
    Trentino and South Tyrol
    State elections 2018
    Trentino and South Tyrol

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