Verdi Green Vërc

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Verdi Green Vërc
Green Verdi Südtirol.svg
speaker Marlene Pernstich, Felix von Wohlgemuth
founding 1988
Headquarters Bindergasse 5, 39100 Bolzano
Landtag mandates
Chamber of Deputies
European parliamentarians
Alignment Green politics , eco-social , transnational
colour green

Verdi Green Vërc are an eco-social party in South Tyrol , which is based on the principles of the group The Greens / European Free Alliance . She has been a member of the European Green Party since November 2019. They see themselves as a movement that unites all language groups in South Tyrol (as the official Italian - German - Ladin name shows).

The best-known representatives were the EU parliamentarian (1989–1995) and lawyer Alexander Langer, who died in 1995, as well as the extreme mountaineer and former EU parliamentarian (1999–2004) Reinhold Messner .


Headquarters of the South Tyrolean Greens in Bindergasse

The Greens of South Tyrol emerged from the political and social milieu of the New Left / Nuova Sinistra , the environmental movement and the South Tyrolean student body (sh.asus).

After several successful running in municipal and state elections since 1978 (around 1983 as an alternative list for the other South Tyrol ), the formal and statutory foundation of Verdi Grüne Vërc as a party did not take place until 1996. At the national level, the South Tyrolean Greens committed themselves sustainably within the Federazione dei Verdi .

For the first Country Representative (Party Chairman) of the Italian language was Bolzano Carlo Bertorelle chosen he was followed in 1998 with Leander Moroder from Ortisei a Ladin and 2006 with Franco Bernard from Meran a German-speaking South Tyrol. The young Greens were founded on March 20, 2008 (Maundy Thursday).

Since 2009 the party has been led by a dual leadership of a man and a woman: Brigitte Foppa and Sepp Kusstatscher were elected as the first team, followed in 2014 by a team consisting of Foppa and Giorgio Zanvettor .

After the state elections in 2013 , the South Tyrolean Greens appointed three members of the South Tyrolean state parliament : the journalist Riccardo Dello Sbarba , the Brixen historian Hans Heiss and the Montaner civil servant Brigitte Foppa. In the parliamentary elections in Italy in 2013 , the journalist Florian Kronbichler entered the national Chamber of Deputies via the Sinistra Ecologia Libertà list .

In the Italian parliamentary elections in 2018 , the party ran on a list connection with Liberi e Uguali (LeU), but without winning seats.

State elections (1978-2018)

In the 2018 state elections , the Greens were able to defend their three mandates with 6.8% of the vote.

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