Party Animals 3 - Welcome to University

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German title Party Animals - Welcome to University
Original title Van Wilder: Freshman Year
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2009
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Harvey Glazer
script Todd McCullough
production Robert L. Levy
Peter Abrams
Andrew Panay
music Nathan Wang
camera Shawn Mason
cut Aden Bahadori ,
Suzanne Hines ,
Mahi Rahgozar

Party Animals 3 - Welcome to University (Original title: Van Wilder: Freshman Year) is an American student comedy from 2009. It is the second sequel, in the form of a prequel to Party Animals - Wilder is not possible! from 2002 and was produced for the DVD market.


Van Wilder decides to go to Amsterdam for a week after graduating from high school . Back in the USA, he goes to "Coolidge College" and continues the tradition of his family. He's going to a party in college, even though Dean Charles Reardon has some strict rules in place: no alcohol, no kisses, no drugs, no parties and no sex. Only one guest, Yu Dum Fok, comes to the place of celebration, Van Wilder and Farley's room. He saved a long time for the trip to the USA, because there was "nothing going on" in his Chinese hometown and Coolidge, on the other hand, was the No. 1 party college according to an erotic magazine. He is very disappointed that the magazine is from 1979 and that Coolidge is currently an elite religious, prudish, and military school. Of course, the three boys are now resolving to restore the old school image.

After a few pranks, Reardon and his henchmen Lieutenant Dirk Arnold and Corporal Benedict are after Van Wilder and he and his friends have to undergo some kind of military training from Arnold's friend Corporal Kaitlin Haze. However, this is positive for him. Van Wilder then interferes successfully in a number of college matters: He helps the football team win by motivating the cheerleaders to cheer on the bare-bones players and a victory celebration as an incentive to win. In addition, it replaces sexual intercourse with negative, prudish teachers in the "sex class".

Arnold feels provoked by these actions and the fact that Van Wilder is interested in Kaitlin and with the help of his friends he beats him up. However, Van Wilder takes revenge for it later. After Kaitlin broke up with Arnold, he got a date with her. The guerrilla war continues because of the hatred of Van Wilder on both sides.

It all culminates in him challenging Reardon to a war competition in which the loser is supposed to leave Coolidge. Together with his friends and Kaitlin, who has meanwhile taken his side again after some disputes and circumstances, he plans a strategy so that he can defeat the numerically completely superior team: With many tricks, for example the weaknesses of the other team for women , Taking advantage of alcohol and parties, he wins the competition. Dean Reardon has to leave college.

At the end of the film you see Kaitlin and Van Wilder talking about "the first time" driving a golf cart through a park.


“Pubescent“ fun ”full of gags below the belt and a lot of bare skin. More for fans of the genre. "

- DVD magazine.

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