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Paul Aretz (born April 1, 1890 in Rheydt ; died November 5, 1949 in Bern ) was a German publisher , bookseller and author.


He was the son of the factory owner Hermann Aretz and his wife Selma nee Radeck. After attending the secondary school in Basel , Paul Aretz went to study at the university there . He later moved to other universities, such as Bern, and made several study trips in Germany and abroad.

In 1920 the Julius Hoffmann publishing house (Stuttgart) published the memoirs of Joseph Fouché - Police Minister of Napoleon I, which he had translated and edited .

He was active as a publisher and bookseller in Dresden . There he published his first major work in his own publishing house in 1921 under the title Napoleon's Captivity and Death. Saint Helena memories. With 13 image additions after paintings and engravings .

When the National Socialists came to power in 1934, he shifted the focus of his activities first to Vienna and then to Switzerland , where he died in 1949. Most recently he was a member of the Swiss Booksellers and Publishers Association.


He married the historian Gertrude Aretz , who was married to Friedrich Max Kircheisen for the first time .

Publications (selection)

In his publishing house he published some works by his wife Gertrud Aretz. These are the following titles:

  • Louis the Fourteenth . Aretz Verlag, Dresden 1927 (translated from the French)
  • as editor: Countess Kielmannsegge's memoirs on Napoleon I. Aretz Verlag, Dresden 1927
  • Edward VII. The Prince of Wales . Aretz Verlag, Dresden 1928 (translated from English)

Furthermore, the Paul-Aretz Verlag in Dresden published:

  • Arthur Schurig : The novel by Tristan and Isolde in its original Breton form . Paul-Aretz-Verlag, Dresden, 1923.
  • Frieda von Oppeln : Königsmarck. Love tragedy from the baroque era , Paul-Aretz-Verlag, Dresden, 1924.
  • Heinrich Stadelmann : Cleopatra - Egypt's last queen , Paul-Aretz-Verlag, Dresden, 1925.
  • Herbert Lewandowski : The Sexual Problem in Modern Literature and Art. Attempt to analyze and psychopathology of artistic creation and cultural development since 1800 , Paul-Aretz-Verlag, Dresden, 1927.
  • Raymond Poincaré : Memoirs - The Prehistory of the World War (1912-1913) , Paul-Aretz-Verlag, Dresden, 1928.


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