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Pekka Pohjola with wigwam (2nd from right) (1974)

Pekka Pohjola (born January 13, 1952 in Helsinki , † November 27, 2008 ibid) was a Finnish multi-instrumentalist, composer , jazz and rock musician who made a name for himself primarily as an electric bass player .

Pohjola's music combines elements from jazz , rock, fusion and classical music. From 1970 to 1974, Pekka Pohjola was the bass player for the Finnish progressive rock band Wigwam . He became known to a wider audience in 1977 through the participation of Mike Oldfield on his album Keesojen Lehto , which was released in Great Britain under the title Mathematician's Air Display . In 1979 he accompanied Mike Oldfield on his European tour and can be heard on the recorded live album Exposed .

His sons Verneri and Ilmari are also musicians and played on Pohjola's last album Views .

Discography (selection)

year Interpreter Original title Alternative title
1970 Wigwam Tombstone Valentine
1971 Wigwam Fairyport
1972 Pekka Pohjola Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva United KingdomUnited Kingdom ResinEye BarkEar
1974 Wigwam Being
1974 Pekka Pohjola Harakka Bialoipokku United KingdomUnited Kingdom B the Magpie Skatan
1976 Made in Sweden Where do we begin?
1977 Pekka Pohjola Keesojen Lehto United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mathematician's Air Display Skuggornas Tjuvstart The Consequences of Indecisions (credited to Mike Oldfield ) Untitled (credited to Mike & Sally Oldfield , Pekka Pohjola)
NetherlandsNetherlands GermanyGermany
United StatesUnited States ItalyItaly
1978 The Group The Group
1979 Mike Oldfield Exposed (live)
1979 Pekka Pohjola visitation
1979 Gábor Szabó Belsta River
1980 Pekka Pohjola Group Kätkävaaran Lohikäärme
1982 Pekka Pohjola Urban tango
1983 Pekka Pohjola Jokamies United StatesUnited States Everyman
1985 Pekka Pohjola Space Waltz
1986 Pekka Pohjola Flight of the Angel
1986 Espoo Big Band Yesterday's Games
1987 Pekka Pohjola New Impressionist (compilation)
1990 Pekka Pohjola & AVANTI! Sinfonia No. 1
1992 Pekka Pohjola Changing Waters
1995 Pekka Pohjola Live in Japan
1995 Pekka Pohjola Heavy Jazz - Live in Helsinki and Tokyo
1997 Pekka Pohjola Pewit
2001 Pekka Pohjola Views

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