Peltogyne venosa

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Peltogyne venosa
Order : Fabales (Fabales)
Family : Legumes (Fabaceae)
Subfamily : Carob family (Caesalpinioideae)
Tribe : Detarieae
Genre : Peltogyne
Type : Peltogyne venosa
Scientific name
Peltogyne venosa
( Vahl ) Benth.

Peltogyne venosa is a tree in the legume family in the carob subfamily. It occurs in central to northern South America .


Peltogyne venosa grows as a tree up to 10–35 meters high, but it should be a lot higher. The trunk diameter reaches 45-90 centimeters or more. The relatively smooth, slightly scaly bark is brownish. Smaller buttress roots are formed. The tree carries an aromatic resin .

The alternate, long-stemmed leaves are twofold. The leaf stalk is up to 12.5 inches long. The slightly leathery, glabrous and entire, short-stalked leaflets are about 6-15 centimeters long and pointed to pointed. They are glandular-dotted and ovate to obovate. The rounded to blunt base is often uneven. The small stipules are sloping.

Terminal and rusty hairy panicles are formed. The white, yellow-white or pink flowers are stalked with a double flower envelope . There are 4 hairy sepals and 5 petals. The 10 stamens are free. The stalked, almost bald to hairy ovary is central in the cup-shaped flower cup .

Leathery, brown and roughly oblique-round, non-opening and reticulate veined, pointed and one-sided short winged legumes are formed. They are solitary, bald and 2.5–4 centimeters tall. The flattened seed with minimal aril is 10-15 millimeters in size.


The first description of Basionyms Hymenaea Venosa was made in 1798 by Matin Vahl in Eclogae Americanae 2: 31 The re-allocation to the genus Peltogyne to Peltogyne Venosa took place in 1870 auct by George Bentham in CFP von Martius &. suc. (eds.), Fl. Bras. 15 (2): 233.

Other synonyms are Hymenaea confertifolia Mart. ex Hayne and Peltogyne confertiflora (Mart. ex Hayne) Benth.

There are two subspecies:

  • Peltogyne venosa subsp. venosa; with a larger habit, almost bare ovary and larger leaves
  • Peltogyne venosa subsp. densiflora (Spruce ex Benth.) MFSilva ; rather in swampy areas, with a smaller habitus and hairy ovary as well as smaller leaves


The violet wood is known as amaranth , purple wood or Purple Heart .


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