Pic Champlain

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Pic Champlain
Pic Champlain from the northeast

Pic Champlain from the northeast

height 346  m
location Bas-Saint-Laurent in Quebec (Canada)
Mountains Appalachian Mountains
Coordinates 48 ° 19 '42 "  N , 68 ° 50' 7"  W Coordinates: 48 ° 19 '42 "  N , 68 ° 50' 7"  W.
Pic Champlain (Québec)
Pic Champlain
Normal way Over the northeast ridge

The Pic Champlain is the highest mountain (literally "summit") of the Parc national du Bic in the Canadian province of Québec .

It is located on the southern shore of this 35 km wide St. Lawrence - estuary . This completely wooded mountain is in the municipality of Saint-Fabien . It has steep slopes and a few rock faces on the northwest and southeast flanks.

There are telecommunication antennas at the top. Two hiking trails lead over the northeast and the southwest ridge to the summit. There is also a driveway to the antenna system.

The Pic Champlin consists of clastic sedimentary rocks and belongs to the northern folds of the Appalachians . It is formed by an anticline , the axis of which is oriented northeast-southwest. The inner part of the anticline consists of the formation de l'Orignal and the outer part of the formation du Cap Enragé , both belonging to the Québec group ( Cambrian - Ordovician ).

The Pic Champlain is named after the geographer Samuel de Champlain , who described the mountain during his first trip on the Saint Lawrence in 1603. For a long time, this protruding mountain on the south bank served as a landmark for shipping on the St. Lawrence River.

The Pic Champlain from the northwest