Pyotr Ivanovich Bartenev

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Pyotr Ivanovich Bartenev

Pjotr ​​Ivanovich Bartenev ( Russian Пётр Иванович Бартенев , scientific transliteration Pëtr Ivanovič Bartenev ; born 1829 ; died 1912 ) was a Russian historian, philologist and bibliographer. He was the founding editor of the historical journal Russki archiw ( Russian Archive ) and is known for his Pushkin work.

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Coming from a noble family, Bartenev attended Moscow University. In 1856 his first publication of the correspondence of Tsar Alexei (1629–1676) took place, which made the leading Slavophiles aware of him. These connections helped him the post of director in the Chertkov - library at that time to ensure that only public library in Moscow. Once, while working on his novel War and Peace , Leo Tolstoy asked him about the details of the Napoleonic Wars . Tolstoy said that "turning to Bartenew with a research question is like turning the tap on a samovar". In 1863 Bartenew founded the Russian Archives ( Russki archiw ; Russian Русский архив , scientific transliteration Russkij archiv ), the first history journal in Russia (which appeared in 1917). Like its rival Russkaja Starina (Русская старина, Russian Antiquities ), Bartenev's magazine brought to light dozens of unknown documents and memoirs from the 18th and early 19th centuries. The entire family archive of Prince Vorontsov was published in 40 volumes as a supplement to this magazine.

Bartenew is best remembered today as the founder of the Pushkin Studies. He collected numerous testimonials about Alexander Pushkin from his relatives and friends. Bartenew and Pawel Wassiljewitsch Annenkow represent the first generation of amateur Pushkinists. He translated the book of the Prussian historian Ranke on the Serbian Revolution into Russian. The son of the prominent Moscow historian was the pianist Sergei Bartenew (1863–1930).

Works (selection)

  • Пушкин в Южной России (Pushkin in Southern Russia), Moscow, 1862, 2nd edition, 1914.
  • Рассказы о Пушкине, записанные со слов его друзей П. И. Бартеневым в 1851–1860 годах (Stories about Pushkin from the words of his friends in the years 1851–1860, reported by PI Bartenev), Leningrad, 1925.
  • Istorija Serbii po serbskim istotschnikam История Сербии по сербским источникам. 2nd edition Moscow 1876 (first 1857) (Russian translation by: Leopold Ranke : The Serbian Revolution. From Serbian papers and communications. Hamburg, Friedrich Perthes , 1829 ( digitized ); 2. A. Berlin, Duncker & Humblot , 1844 ( Digitized ))


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