Presidential election in Russia 1991

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The 1991 presidential election in Russia took place on June 12, 1991. It is considered to be the first democratic presidential election in Russian history .

Since the Soviet Union had not yet been dissolved at the time and Russia was not yet an independent state, the President of the Russian SFSR was chosen in this election, as the only one in Russian history . It was also the first and last election in which the vice-president was determined at the same time as the president . This post was dissolved two years later with the entry into force of the Constitution of the Russian Federation . Another special feature of this election compared to all subsequent elections was the five-year term of office of the president to be elected - in the 1993 constitution it was shortened to four years.

Since 1994, the Day of Russia on June 12 has been one of the holidays in Russia .


Candidate (president) Candidate (vice president) Number of votes % of votes
Boris Yeltsin Alexander Ruzkoi 45,552,041 57.30
Nikolai Ryschkov Boris Gromov 13,359,335 16.85
Vladimir Zhirinovsky Andrei Savidija 6.211.007 7.81
Aman Tuleev Viktor Bocharov 5,417,464 6.81
Albert Makaschow Alexei Sergeev 2,969,511 3.74
Wadim Bakatin Ramasan Abdulatipov 2,719,757 3.42
"Against all" 1,525,410 1.92
79.507.282 100.00

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