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Test specimens or test specimens are used in test and measurement procedures , either as test items or as test equipment :

  • In materials testing , specimens are specially manufactured and shaped material samples ; insofar they are the subject of the examination.
  • Objects are also referred to as test specimens which - without being the test object themselves - are introduced into the systems to be tested. Here they have the function of a test device .

If the properties of test specimens are described in the relevant DIN , EN or other standards , we speak of standard test specimens . There are companies that specialize in selling a wide variety of test specimens.

Test specimen in materials testing

In a ceramic block there are four material samples in the form of pointed cones, two of which have become soft and have sunk to the side.
" Segerkegel " for determining the fire resistance

In materials testing , specimens are objects made from the material to be tested with precisely defined properties such as shape, size or material composition. They are exposed to defined mechanical, thermal or chemical loads in special test devices (e.g. the universal testing machine ) in order to determine the material properties and certain material parameters.


Test specimen as test equipment

Test specimens for testing measuring devices

For testing measuring devices (e.g. during calibration ), test specimens with precisely defined measurable properties ( measured values ) are used as reference.

Test specimen for testing X-ray diagnostic equipment

Test specimens with precisely defined measurable properties ( measured values ) are used as reference objects for testing and adjusting medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. Such test specimens consist of material with defined radiation attenuation properties and they contain predefined imaging structures that are suitable for ensuring the image quality. In order to produce an X-ray image, the test body is positioned as an X-ray phantom in the X-ray diagnostic device instead of the patient . Based on its known object properties, the quality of the structures shown is determined in the X-ray image.

Standard test body in toilet development

Schematic representation of test bodies in the form of artificial manure sausages
right: standard test body for the function test of toilet flushing, left: four "orderly" inserted standard test body before the flushing attempt.
Figure after

In the functional test of toilet flushes carried out in accordance with DIN 1385 and EN 997, artificially reproduced "fecal sausages" are used as test specimens as a substitute for real human faeces . These standard test bodies are not available for sale, but must be made by the tester himself from synthetic casing and other materials.

See also: DIN EN 997 - toilet bowl with molded odor trap


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