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The list gives an overview of the naming system of the DIN standards with standard number, parts of standards and other additions. Information about standards, their titles, their validity and possible replacements are also collected here. In addition to DIN standards, some VG standards issued by the German Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement, Koblenz, are listed.

Designation of standard number and date of issue

The standard number shows the origin of a standard:

  • DIN: (e.g. DIN 33430 ) DIN standard that has exclusively or predominantly national significance or is published as a preliminary stage to a supranational document.
  • DIN CEN / TS or DIN CLC / TS: (e.g. DIN CLC / TS 50459-1): Unchanged German adoption of a European technical specification.
  • DIN CWA: (e.g. DIN CWA 14248) Unchanged German adoption of a CEN or CENELEC workshop agreement (technical rule).
  • DIN EN: (e.g. DIN EN 14719) German adoption of a European standard (EN). If they are adopted, European standards must be adopted unchanged by the members of CEN and CENELEC.
  • DIN EN ISO: (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9921): Standard created under the leadership of ISO or CEN, which is then published by both organizations.
  • DIN EN ISO / IEC: (e.g. DIN EN ISO / IEC 7810) German standard on the basis of a European standard that is based on an international ISO / IEC standard.
  • DIN EN ISP: (e.g. DIN EN ISP 10608-6): German standard on the basis of a European standard that is based on an international profile standard.
  • DIN ISO: (e.g. DIN ISO 10002): Unchanged German adoption of an ISO standard.
  • DIN IEC: (e.g. DIN IEC 60912): Unchanged German adoption of an IEC standard.
  • DIN VDE: Topics in electrical engineering, electronics and information technology are dealt with jointly by DIN and VDE through the DKE . See list of DIN-VDE standards .

Attention! If DIN standards are named after the designation "DIN" with additional letters - apart from "VDE" - then these have their own numbering system, for example: DIN 3 standard dimensions , but DIN EN 3 fire extinguishers .

A part of the standard is designated with a hyphen and the number of the part of the standard (e.g. Part 1 of DIN EN 3 as DIN EN 3-1). “Part 1” used to be written out or “T. 1 “abbreviated (e.g. DIN 14093 Part 1); today this addition is only written out in the heading on the standard sheet. Before the standards were broken down into parts, they were broken down into "sheets".

The date of issue of the version is noted exactly to the calendar month in numbers after a colon , e.g. B. DIN 1301-1: 2002-10, but shown on the title page with the name of the month written out: October 2002.

Until around 1969 a standard kept its date of issue in the event of minor changes; the change was indicated by a small cross; z. B. “March 1953xx” means that a standard issued in March 1953 has been slightly revised twice. These "cross editions" should give the user the advantage of a handwritten correction for only minor changes instead of buying a new one.

Until 1940, standards in some specialist areas had a letter designation between the word "DIN" and the number, e.g. B. BERG for the mountain, HNA for the ship, LON for the locomotive and Kr for the automotive industry. After the introduction of five-digit standard numbers, certain number ranges were preferably provided for these subject areas, e.g. B. 70000 to 79999 for automotive engineering. During the Second World War , some standards were drawn up in a rapid process and specially marked. An "FI" appended to the number means that the standard was set up by the Vehicle Industry Economic Group in a fast-track process.

List by numbers

See also: Category: DIN in alphabetical order of the numbers

DIN 1-49999

DIN 50000–99999

din EN



  • DIN IEC 60038 IEC standard voltages
  • DIN IEC 60050 International Electrotechnical Dictionary
  • DIN IEC 60912 Nuclear Measuring Equipment - ECL (Emitter Coupled Logic) signal connections via front panels in logic systems
  • DIN IEC 62198 Risk Management for Projects - Application Guide
  • DIN IEC 62481 Digital living Network Alliance (DLNA) Interoperability guidelines for devices in the home network
    • Part 2 media formats


  • DIN ISO 6 Photography - Systems of black and white negative films and their processing for still images - Determination of ISO sensitivity
  • DIN ISO 43 Aerospace - Jacking points on the aircraft
  • DIN ISO 272 Mechanical fasteners; Wrench sizes for hexagon bolts and nuts
  • DIN ISO 281 rolling bearings ; Dynamic load ratings and nominal service life
    • Supplement 1 service life coefficient a (DIN) and calculation of the extended modified service life
    • Supplement 2 Explanations to ISO 281/1: 1977
    • Supplement 3 Determination of the pollution coefficient or pollution class for rolling bearings in closed industrial gear units (draft)
  • DIN ISO 286 limit dimensions and fits
    • Part 1 Basics for tolerances, dimensions and fits
    • Part 2 Tables of the basic tolerance levels and limit dimensions for bores and shafts
  • DIN ISO 517 photography - aperture ratios and related sizes for camera lenses - designations and measurements
  • DIN ISO 1302 technical drawings, information on surface properties, June 2002 replaced by DIN EN ISO 1302
  • DIN ISO 1585 Road vehicles - Procedure for determining the net power of engines
  • DIN ISO 1629 rubber and latices, classification, abbreviations
  • DIN ISO 1940 Mechanical vibrations - Requirements for the balance quality of rotors in a constant (rigid) condition
  • DIN ISO 2108 Information and Documentation - International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • DIN ISO 2240 Photography - Camera color reversal films - Determination of ISO sensitivity
  • DIN ISO 2768 general tolerances
    • Part 1 tolerances for length and angle dimensions without individual tolerance entries
    • Part 2 tolerances for shape and position without individual tolerance entries
  • DIN ISO 2859 acceptance sample test based on the number of defective units or defects (attribute test),
    • Part 1 Sampling plans ordered according to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for testing a series of lots
    • Part 2 Sampling instructions for the inspection of individual lots based on the number of defective units, arranged according to the quality limit to be rejected
    • Part 3 Skip Lot Procedure
    • Part 4 Procedure for assessing declared quality levels
  • DIN ISO 2936 screwing tools - offset screwdriver for screws with hexagon socket
  • DIN ISO 3166 codes for the names of countries and their sub-units
    • Part 2 Code for names of country sub-units
    • Part 3 Code for previously used country names
  • DIN ISO 3297 information and documentation, international standard number for sequential collections (ISSN)
  • DIN ISO 3302 rubber tolerances for finished parts
    • Part 1 dimensional tolerances
    • Part 2 shape and position tolerances
  • DIN ISO 3310 test sieves - Technical requirements and tests
    • Part 1 test sieves with metal wire mesh
    • Part 2 test sieves with perforated plates
    • Part 3 test sieves with electroformed sieve foils
  • DIN ISO 4219 Air quality - Determination of gaseous sulfur compounds in atmospheric air - Sampling equipment
  • DIN ISO 5455 technical drawings, standards
  • DIN ISO 5800 photography - Color negative films for still photography - Determination of ISO sensitivity
  • DIN ISO 6411 technical drawings, simplified representation of center bores
  • DIN ISO 7000 Graphic symbols on facilities - index and overview
  • DIN ISO 7331 ski poles for alpine skiing - safety requirements and tests
  • DIN ISO 7619 Elastomers or thermoplastic elastomers - Determination of the indentation hardness
    • Part 1: Durometer method ( Shore hardness)
    • Part 2: IRHD pocket device procedure
  • DIN ISO 8601 data elements and exchange formats - information exchange - representation of date and time
  • DIN ISO 9175 drawing tubes for hand-held ink drawing devices
    • Part 1 Terms, dimensions, designation and labeling
    • Part 2 Execution, Requirements and Testing, July 2006 withdrawn without replacement
  • DIN ISO 9276 Presentation of the results of particle size analyzes
    • Part 1: Graphic representation
    • Part 2: Calculation of mean particle sizes / diameters and moments from particle size distributions
    • Part 4: Characterization of a separation process
    • Part 6: The description and quantification of particle shape and morphology
  • DIN ISO 10002 quality management - customer satisfaction - guidelines for handling complaints in organizations
  • DIN ISO 10005 guidelines for quality management plans
  • DIN ISO 10007 guidelines for configuration management
  • DIN ISO 10110 Creation of drawings for optical elements and systems
    • Supplement 1 comparison of DIN ISO 10110 - DIN 3140; Index
    • Part 1 General
    • Part 2 material defects - stress birefringence
    • Part 3 material defects - bubbles and inclusions
    • Part 4 material defects - inhomogeneities and streaks
    • Part 5 passport errors
    • Part 5 supplement 1 passport error; Fitting error check with test glasses
    • Part 6 centering tolerances
    • Part 7 surface defects
    • Part 8 surface quality
    • Part 9 surface treatments and coatings
    • Part 10 Presentation in tabular form
    • Part 11 general tolerances for values ​​without tolerance specification
    • Part 12 Aspherical surfaces
    • Part 14 tolerances for wavefront deformations
    • Part 17 damage threshold for laser radiation
  • DIN ISO / IEC 10561 Information technology - Office and data technology - Class 1 and class 2 printers; Procedure for determining printer performance
  • DIN ISO 10602 Photography - Processed black and white films of the silver gelatin type - Specifications for durability
  • DIN ISO 10957 Information and Documentation - International Standard Number for Music (ISMN)
  • DIN ISO 11798 Information and documentation - Resistance to aging of writings, prints and copies on paper - Requirements and test methods
  • DIN ISO 13321 Particle Size Analysis - Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
  • DIN ISO 14887 sample preparation - method for dispersing powders in liquids
  • DIN ISO 15489 information and documentation - records management
    • Part 1 General
  • DIN ISO 16016 protection notices to restrict the use of documents and products
  • DIN ISO 23601 safety signs - escape route plans
  • DIN ISO 29990 learning services for education and training - basic requirements for service providers
  • DIN ISO 80601 Medical electrical equipment
  • DIN ISO / IEC 2022 Information technology - Character code structure and extension techniques
  • DIN ISO / IEC 27001 Information technology - IT security procedures - Information security management systems - Requirements
  • DIN ISO / IEC 27002 Information technology - IT security procedures - Guidelines for information security management
  • DIN ISO / IEC 28360 Information technology - Office equipment - Determination of chemical emission rates from electronic equipment


see list of DIN-VDE standards

LN standards (aviation)

  • LN 7-1 straight pins
  • LN 9092 profile tubes; Dimensions, static values
  • LN 9118-2 rivet holes; Subsidence and draft warning
  • LN 71412 conical grease nipple with metric thread, current edition September 1970

VG standards (for "defense equipment", issued by the German Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr BAAINBw, Koblenz)

  • VG 58260 Medical Instruments - Ligation needles according to Deschamps, current edition June 1994
  • VG 72632 camouflage headlights
    • Part 1 splash-proof, current edition December 1991
  • VG 81208 Maneuvering ships
    • Part 20 concentricity test
    • Part 21 inclined towing test, current issue August 1991
    • Part 22 wind tunnel test
  • VG 81244 boat lumber
    • Part 1 Mean strength and elasticity values ​​for solid wood, current edition August 1991
    • Part 2 permissible stresses, safety factors
    • Part 3 application and processing
    • Part 4 pretreatment, quality conditions, quality assurance
  • VG 81259 Cathodic corrosion protection for ships; External protection by external current
    • Part 1 Terms, calculation bases, arrangement, requirements for the coating, current edition January 1994
    • Part 2 Electrical systems, monitoring, current edition January 1994
    • Part 3 anodes, protective shield, electrodes, measuring technology, current edition January 1994
  • VG 84519 Eye plates for slip stoppers; Design principles, current edition January 2009
  • VG 85057 stuffing boxes, current edition February 1990
  • VG 85092 Upholstery sets for couches and sofas, current edition September 2009
  • VG 85305 supply at sea; Double hose clamps, current issue June 1994
  • VG 85494 Supply at sea; Counterpoints, current issue July 1992
  • VG 85528 ​​Cable plans for submarines - identification for the connection of cable shields, current edition December 2007
  • VG 95034 Technical documents - reference to usage rights, current edition February 2007
  • VG 95821 Application of standards and other technical rules - binding force, order of precedence, current edition 06.2009; was replaced by DIN EN 16341 on 06.2012
  • VG 96936 Protection tubes, protection tubes, protection channels
    • Part 10 Metallic braided hoses and braided conductors, design standard, current edition October 2007
    • Part 10 supplement 1 metallic braided hoses; Cross-reference list for type reduction, current edition December 1996
    • Part 11 protective tubes, shielded; Design standard, current edition September 1996
    • Part 11 supplement 1 protective tubes, shielded; Cross-reference list for type reduction, current edition September 1996
  • VG 96953 grounding material
    • Part 9: Earthing screws, type standard, current edition May 2010

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