Preaching to the Perverted

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German title The Fetish Club
Original title Preaching to the Perverted
Country of production Germany
original language English
Publishing year 1997
length about 100 minutes
Director Stuart Urban
script Stuart Urban
production Keith Hayley : producer

Stuart Urban : producer

Daniel Unger : Executive Producer
music Magnus Fiennes
Maya Fiennes
camera Sam McCurdy
cut Julian Rodd

Preaching to the Perverted is a British comedy directed by Stuart Urban from 1997. The film depicts the sadomasochistic relationship between the American dominatrix Tanya Cheex ( Guinevere Turner ) and the young computer expert who was smuggled into the London BDSM scene as an informer for a British MP Peter Emery ( Christien Anholt ). The film won the Best actress of the Festival Du Jeune Comedien 1999 and the Audience Choice Award of Cinekink Festival 2003. The film is generally in response to the tensioner case considered.


British MP Henry Harding is leading a moral crusade against his country's BDSM scene. Therefore, he hires the inexperienced young computer expert Peter Emery as a personal assistant to infiltrate them undetected and to collect evidence of the mostly illegal sadomasochistic practices in Great Britain . Emery, who up to this point worked for a Christian computer company called Holy Hardware , accepts the order and begins to secretly document the events of the American dominatrix Tanya Cheex using a hidden video camera .

Cheex runs a club called "House of Thwax", where visitors and performance artists regularly engage in sadomasochistic practices. While Emery actually succeeds in producing the required evidence, both a love and a femdom relationship develop between him and Cheex . The scout, who is completely inexperienced in BDSM, gets more and more often into situations that he could never have imagined before and receives deep insights into the British SM scene, but also into his own dreams and needs. During a party weekend on the stately home of an English nobleman, Cheex discovers her new boyfriend's parliamentary ID card, what appears to be a final game and the couple temporarily separates. After Emery testified in favor of the defendant Cheex in the later trial, she is acquitted and starts a family with him, whose home the club is.


  • The film is widely viewed as a response to the Spanner Case .
  • It was banned in Ireland by the former film censor Sheamus Smith .
  • The director set himself the goal of incorporating pink-colored props into every scene of the film , which is why objects in this color appear in seemingly inappropriate contexts.
  • The film's soundtrack consists of club and house music
  • Several internationally known BDSM performance artists appear in the course of the film, including:
  • Layer Marney Tower is one of the locations .
  • The British first edition of the original soundtrack is a sought-after collector's item.
  • The film was temporarily removed from the German distributor Jugendfilm's cinema schedule in 1998 .


  • “The film actually boasts of excellent costumes and good acting, it gives a great idea of ​​what goes on in a good fetish club. Highly Recommended! ” Secret Magazine , February 2003
  • "... the club scenes look great: intelligent use of color and light." Erotic Review , December 2002
  • “For those who are active in the S&M scene themselves, this carefree look at the underground of the fetish scene may be entertaining, but those who expect more than an unconventional sex comedy will be miserably disappointed. So Preaching to the Perverted lives up to its name because it doesn't please anyone but the perverts. ” Qwipster's Movie Reviews , December 2003


  • Best actress award at the Du Jeune Comedien Festival 1999
  • Audience Choice Award of the CineKink Festival 2003


Magnus Fiennes played a major role on the soundtrack .

The CD contains:

  1. Magnus & Maya - Welcome to the House of Thwax
  2. Shimmon & Wolfson - Evil Queen
  3. Magnus & Maya - Journey Into Hell
  4. Rejuvination - Sycophantasy
  5. Magnus & Maya - Postman Always Thrice
  6. Mark Broom - The Alien Spoke
  7. Magnus & Maya - In Zerbra Suspension
  8. The Aloof - Min
  9. Way Out West - Ajare
  10. Magnus & Maya - Enlightenment
  11. Magnus & Maya - Goodmorning Mistress
  12. Magnus & Maya - On Wasteland (Requiem Flagellum)
  13. Omni Trio - Who Are You
  14. Percy X - Aerobix
  15. Amethyst - Futura
  16. Magnus & Maya - Grindecontrol Transubmission
  17. Magnus & Maya - House of Thwax


  1. "The film boasts excellent costs, good acting and is a great vision of what goes on in a good fetish club. Highly recommended! "
  2. ". The club scenes all look fabulous: intelligent use of color and light."
  3. "Those who actively participate in the S&M lifestyle may enjoy the lighthearted look at the underground fetish scene, but anyone looking for much more than an offbeat sex comedy is going to be woefully disappointed. Preaching to the Perverted lives up to its name by not being able to appeal to anyone but perverts. ", Online at
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