St. Sulpice Seminary (Paris)

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The Saint-Sulpice seminary in Paris was a training center of the Roman Catholic Church founded by Jean-Jacques Olier .


Jean-Jacques Olier, founder of Saint-Sulpice

Jean-Jacques Olier received the parish of Saint-Sulpice in Paris on June 25, 1642 and transferred there a seminary in Vaugirard (today part of the 15th arrondissement of Paris ), which was still in the founding phase. After the founding of the Congregation of the Sulpizians , they took over the leadership. Jean-Jacques Olier had a seminary built, which was inaugurated in 1651 as a Grand Séminaire for alumni from all French dioceses. This building was expropriated during the Revolution and demolished in 1811. In the turmoil of that time, Jacques-André Émery led the seminary and the congregation. A new building was built in 1820–1838, which existed as a seminary until 1906 when it was dissolved by the law separating church and state . At that time, part of the finance ministry was relocated there. The Sulpizian Generalate and Seminary moved to Issy-les-Moulineaux , where they are to this day.


Jean-Jacques Olier made Saint-Sulpice the center of the École française de spiritualité . Thanks to its popularity in France, the seminary became extremely famous and trained many important French clerics up to the beginning of the 20th century. Saint-Sulpice had a great influence on the priestly personality of the French clergy far beyond the Congregation of the Sulpizians.

Eminent students


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