Prim (liturgy)

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The prim (from Latin prima [hora] , the first [hour] ') is one of the small horizons in the church prayer . It is prayed around the first hour (6 a.m.) of the ancient schedule and is at the start of work for the monks and nuns. Like all small horizons, the prim consists of three psalms , a short scriptural reading ( chapter ) with a responsory and a final oration . According to an old custom, the community was presented the martyrology of the respective day at the end of the Prim.

The prim was very popular with pious laypeople as a morning prayer, as was the Compline as a night prayer.

In the course of the liturgical reforms after the Second Vatican Council , the prim was perceived as a duplication of the laudes and was abolished. However, it has been preserved in the Divine Office of the Carthusians as well as in individual contemplative monasteries.


Individual evidence

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