Providence (TV series)

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Television series
German title Providence
Original title Providence
Country of production United States
original language English language
Year (s) 1999-2002
length 41 minutes
Episodes 96 in 5 seasons
genre Drama , family series
idea John Masius
music WG Snuffy Walden
Bennett Salvay
Joey Newman
First broadcast January 8, 1999 on NBC
first broadcast
November 5, 2000 on RTL

Providence is an American drama series that premiered on the NBC television network from January 1999 to December 2002 . In Germany, in 2000 and 2001, the series first ran at midday on RTL's weekend program, but after bad ratings it was removed from the program and moved to VOX in the weekday program in 2003 . So far, the fifth season has not yet been broadcast in Germany.


The focus is on the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sydney Hansen ( Melina Kanakaredes ). A family crisis takes her from Los Angeles back to her homeland - to Providence , Rhode Island . After the death of her mother ( Concetta Tomei ), Syd decides to practice as a general practitioner at a small clinic and to take care of her family. These are her sister Joanie ( Paula Cale ), who has just had a child but has no husband; her brother Robbie ( Seth Peterson ), an irresponsible daredevil and impostor, and Syd's father, Dr. Jim Hansen ( Mike Farrell ). He is a veterinarian and has been running a small practice in the basement of his house for many years. He gets along much better with his mostly four-legged patients than with people, especially when the latter are related to him.

Despite numerous problems, the family always manages to pull themselves together - not least thanks to an unshakable and very direct humor. However, when it threatens to become too chaotic - or too idyllic - the resolute deceased mother always intervenes. Even in the afterlife, Lynda Hansen insists on interfering in all family matters and always expressing her opinion bluntly. As if Sydney didn't have enough trouble with her job and the real family that existed in this world, her overpowering mother keeps plaguing her with cynical wisdom and brusque advice.


Dr. Sydney Hansen

Sydney Hansen has everything you could want. She lives in Beverly Hills , a luxurious part of Los Angeles . She is very successful at her job, she is wealthy, good-looking and has a sense of humor. With the necessary talent and a lot of ambition, she has made a name for herself in the world of the rich and beautiful. But after countless cosmetic surgeries, Syd draws a line under her life in LA. Her desire for a stress-free existence, a failed relationship and the sudden death of her mother were the trigger to return to her family in Providence. Once there, she realizes where she really belongs. Sydney quickly finds a job in the small local hospital. There she treats people who do not have the opportunity to pay for their health insurance themselves. Sydney's help and support is mercilessly drawn upon by the whole family. She quickly notices that suddenly everything is on her shoulders. Syd is a strong woman on the one hand, but very vulnerable on the other. She puts so much energy into the problems of others that she no longer realizes her own situation. After the death of her mother, she is a great support for all family members.

Joanie Hansen

Joanie is Sydney's younger sister. The only reason for her upcoming wedding is her pregnancy. But when the wedding ceremony breaks down, she decides to raise her daughter alone. During the day she works in the "Barkery", a shop where she sells baked goods for dogs. Joanie has an ambivalent relationship with her big sister Sydney. On the one hand, she adores Sydney, on the other hand, she often feels disadvantaged and not given enough attention. However, she doesn't realize that she is at least as loved and admired by Syd as she is the other way around. Joanie is sensitive, vulnerable and full of emotions. She listens to her heart more often than to her mind, which sometimes becomes her undoing.

Robbie Hansen

Sydney's little brother is a daredevil. He knows how to make money quickly. Usually you see him with beautiful women by his side. He is devious, adventurous and a villain, as he is in the book. But deep down, Robbie is a kind hearted guy. You can usually rely on him.

Lynda Hansen

Lynda is up to her ears in the wedding preparations of her daughter Joanie, but when the ceremony finally begins, she dies of a heart attack in the church. This is a huge shock to all family members. However, when it threatens to get too chaotic, she reappears in Sydney's dreams. Because Lynda insists on interfering in all family matters and bluntly expressing her opinion in the afterlife - cynical and brusque, as it should be for a "Hansen".

Jim Hansen

Sydney's father is a calm, kind hearted man. He really enjoys his work as a vet, as he has a very special way of dealing with animals. When you talk to him about his job, he comes out of himself. The people, especially his family, are often a great mystery to him. After the death of his wife Lynda, the relationship with his three adult children changes suddenly. First, Jim withdraws completely. But in the course of time he slowly emerges from his snail shell and finds his joie de vivre again.

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