Rötenbach (Kinzig)

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Shortly before the confluence with the Kinzig

Shortly before the confluence with the Kinzig

Water code DE : 234116
location Baden-Württemberg
Rottweil district
Municipality Aichhalden
Freudenstadt district
City of Alpirsbach
River system Rhine
Drain over Kinzig  → Rhine  → North Sea
source southwest of Rötenberg , a suburb of Aichhalden
48 ° 17 ′ 28 ″  N , 8 ° 24 ′ 33 ″  E
Source height approx.  683  m above sea level NN
muzzle In the Alpirsbach district of Rötenbach from the left into the Kinzig coordinates: 48 ° 19 ′ 45 ″  N , 8 ° 23 ′ 46 ″  E 48 ° 19 ′ 45 ″  N , 8 ° 23 ′ 46 ″  E
Mouth height approx.  409  m above sea level NN
Height difference approx. 274 m
Bottom slope approx. 31 ‰
length 8.7 km
Catchment area 17.885 km²

The Rötenbach is a river in the Black Forest over eight kilometers long , which flows into the Kinzig from the left and east near Alpirsbach - Rötenbach in the Freudenstadt district .



The Rötenbach rises at about 683  m above sea level. NN southwest of Rötenberg ( Black Forest ), a suburb of Aichhalden in the Rottweil district , Baden-Württemberg , west of the Mostert forest near the Etzenbühl residential area. After flowing around Mostert in the south, it moves north-northeast and crosses Rötenberg itself. At Schoren, where he lives, he enters a forest valley, where his first tributary, Heftenbach, reaches him from the right and south-east. Then it runs northwards , here Grenzbach zu Alpirsbach in the Freudenstadt district on the right bank, passes the blueberry mill in Alpirsbach, takes up the Krebsbach again from the right and then flows past the Jörglesmühle and Lochmühle settlements, which also belong to Alpirsbach.

Below it enters the Alpirsbach municipality marker, at another Lochmühle that will soon follow, the valley widens and from the right the Waschbach coming from the east-northeast joins , whereupon the Rötenbach is permanently and now permanently open valley floor for its last almost three kilometers turns west-northwest. Under the fief forest on the now about 200 meter high right slope, it flows past the newer Dieboldsberg settlement at the foot of the slope and the spa on the right bank. Then it reaches the southern part of the Alpirsbach district of Rötenbach, which runs along the river, where it rises to around 409  m above sea level. NN flows from the left into the upper Kinzig , which is moving south here .

On its 8.7 km long path, the Rötenbach has a gradient of over 270 meters in altitude or over 31 ‰. For this reason there were once many mills on its bank .

The L 422 runs through the valley on the longest section between Rötenberg and Rötenbach.

Catchment area

It covers 17.9 km². The highest point in it is on the southwest tip about one and a quarter kilometers southwest of the origin at about 723  m above sea level. NN .


Hierarchical list of tributaries from source to mouth. Length of watercourse, catchment area and height according to layers on the LUBW online map. Other sources for the information are noted.

  • Heftenbach, from the right and southeast to about 568  m above sea level. NN about 250 meters before the blueberry mill, 2.0 km and about 2.5 km². Rises at about 665  m above sea level. NN in the northern Fluorner forest . From this tributary the Rötenbach is Grenzbach.
    • (Another branch of the Heftenbach), from the left and south-southeast to about 602  m above sea level. NN near the Rötenberger Hof Heftenbach, 1.4 km and approx. 1.2 km². Arises at about 684  m above sea level. NN on the L 422 in the western Fluorner forest . This brook is soon followed by the border, after the confluence of the Heftenbach.
  • Krebsbach, from the right and east to about 535  m above sea level. NN between Heidelbeer- and Jörglesmühle, 0.8 km on the name run and 2.4 km with the main line upper course Zellerbach and about 2.9 km². Arises at about 573  m above sea level. NN at the Hofgruppe Hönweiler von Peterzell in the town of Alpirsbach from the confluence of the Zellerbach and Krebsbachgraben.
    • Zellerbach, right upper reaches from the northeast, 1.7 km and approx. 1.9 km². Arises at about 625  m above sea level. NN in Peterzell opposite the cemetery.
    • (Graben to Krebsbach), left upper course from the southeast, 0.8 km and approx. 0.5 km². Arises at about 637  m above sea level. NN south of Hönweiler.
  • Waschbach, from the right and east-northeast to 476.8  m above sea level. NN after the lower of the two hole mills, 2.2 km and about 1.9 km². Arises at over 645  m above sea level. NN north of the farm tale of Alpirsbach-Peterzell.

Individual evidence

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  • Topographical map 1: 25,000 Baden-Württemberg, as single sheet No. 7616 Alpirsbach and No. 7716 Schramberg

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