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Rüdiger Hans Schmitt (born June 1, 1939 in Würzburg ) is a German Iranist and Indo-Europeanist .

Schmitt went to school in Würzburg and Tegernsee and studied from 1958 at the University of Würzburg , at the University of Saarland with Manfred Mayrhofer and at the University of Erlangen with Karl Hoffmann, the subjects of Indo-European Linguistics , Indo-Iranian Studies and Classical Philology . In 1965 he received his doctorate summa cum laude with a thesis on " Studies on Indo-European Poetry " in Saarbrücken. The habilitation also took place in Saarbrücken in 1969 with a thesis on Indo-European studies under the title " The formation of nominal values ​​in the poems of Callimachus of Cyrene ". After working as a research assistant and assistant at the Saarbrücken Institute for Comparative Indo-European Linguistics and Indo-Iranian Studies, Schmitt first became a Scientific Counselor and Professor there in 1972 and, from 1979 until his retirement in 2004, was a full professor for Indo-European and Iranian Studies.


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