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The RCK-Challenge , formerly HPI-Challenge or LRP-HPI-Challenge, is a racing series organized by RC-KleinKram for remote-controlled cars in Germany and Austria. It was brought into being by LRP electronic . It is held in several classes in open races, in which it is possible to qualify for the annual German. The races are only held on smooth tracks, i.e. race tracks on concrete, asphalt or carpet. With almost 300 participants, it is one of the largest RC racing series in Germany.

With the LRP Challenge , the series also has a counterpart on loose surfaces. In the early 2000s, there was also the LRP-Nitro-Challenge for RC cars with internal combustion engines.

Delivery mode

From summer to summer of the following year, open races are held in all classes of the Challenge. It is possible for everyone to score points in their regional ranking (north, east, south, west, center). The best points in each region and class qualify for the German championship. This will be decided on a race weekend.

The summer races are usually held outdoors, while indoor races are carpeted in winter.


Only classes with vehicles on a scale of 1:10 that are powered by electric motors are offered.

There have been four classes since the 2019/2020 season. The FWD for front-wheel drive touring cars is the slowest class. All other classes are open to all-wheel-drive touring cars. These differ in terms of their engine power and gear ratios. All classes use a standard tire.

Former classes

For beginners, there was the rookie or Porsche class with a simple chassis and weak engine. Above it stood the Classic, which started with more powerful engines and classic-looking bodies.

For real racing touring cars there were classes 17.5T and Stock. They are comparable to the top classes in the Euro Touring Series . Gran Turismo bodies are used in the 17.5T , while the Stock only uses bodies that have been optimized for racing. Both also differ in the strength of the engine.

The classes have changed over the years. For example, there was a class for Formula 1 cars or Le Mans prototypes for a few years.

German champion

A German championship has been held regularly since 2000. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no German championship could be held in Germany .

year place Classic 17.5T floor Porsche
2019 Bernau Sven Miether Torsten Baggendorf Stefan Schulz Nele Knodel -
year place = = = Rookie LMP
2018 Then after Valentin Junker Dennis Miether Patrick Gassauer Erik Kilian Thorsten Ulrich
2017 Bad Berneck Florian Schimm Daniel Pöhlmann Tony quarrel Christian groom Thorsten Ulrich
year = = = = formula
2016 Hann. Münden Tobias Dietrich Jochen Janik Patrick Gassauer Julian Garbi -
2015 Burgdorf Tobias Schuster Alexander Becker

GT: Ingo Herschbach

Thimo Weissbauer Janine Fischer -
2014 Then after Karsten Bartsch Daniel Anthes Oliver Franke Dennis Klappert -
2013 Hann. Münden Ian Schacht Sebastian Meibörg Kevin Blume Martin Ciongawa -
2012 Hamm-Uentrop Niklas Engelmann Jill Bartsch Oliver Franke Sven Müller Jan Ratheisky
2011 Höckendorf Marcel Brumm Matthias Keding Tony quarrel Daniel Anthes Matthias Poggensee
2010 Wiesbaden Alex Piperato Michael Spiering Daniel Horn Oliver Keim Karsten Bartsch
2009 Burgdorf Jens Bunge Sebastian Wagner Martin Schmidt Falko Thorhauer -
= = = Great sport
2008 Then after Anton Sobota Tim Bauer Tony quarrel Patrick Gassauer -
GTI floor 17T
2007 Then after Andre Pribbenow Oliver Basdorf Bastian Schäfer Patrick Gassauer -
2006 Nordlingen Sebastian White Tony quarrel Bastian Schäfer Patrick Gassauer -
Sports =
2005 Ruesselsheim Bastian Schäfer Patrick Garbi Daniel Sieber Patrick Gassauer -
2004 Ruesselsheim Thorsten Faber Peter Sobota Ronald Völker Christian Mertke
GTI = Per
2003 Walsum Oliver Basdorf Thomas Günsel Sebastian Fränzschky - -
Mini =
2002 Ruesselsheim Peter Sobota Michael Kess Christian Donath - -
2001 Burgdorf Thomas Volz Patrick Gassauer Steffen Leinburger - -
2000 Burgdorf Eberhardt Beck Boris Herzog Tobias Wiebach - -

Austria champion

An Austrian championship has been held since 2001. Due to the small number of starters, this was last held in 2012. Despite this fact, races for the LRP-HPI-Challenge will still be held in Austria.

year Classic 17.5T floor Great sport formula
2012 Wiener Neustadt Toni Stang Markus Winkler Dominic Vogl Konrad Pühringer
2011 Steyregg Hannes Zuckerstätter Matthias Urban Dominic Vogl Hermann Böhz
2010 Wiener Neudorf Philipp Märzinger Herbert Weber Rene Koelbel Christoph Grach
floor Super floor
2009 Steyregg Hans-Jürgen Tormann Alfred Fälbl Oliver Grimm
2008 Krieglach Harald Rosskogler Roland Pentz Oliver Grimm Günther Baumgartner
GTI floor 17T
2007 Vienna Philipp Stocker Wolfgang Meissl Oliver Grimm Andreas Fink
2006 Steyregg Christian Wukonik Harald Gritzer Mario Sailer Toni Eder
Sports Nitro sport
2005 Klagenfurt Alexander Kurka Reinhard Märzinger Thomas Plank no starters no starters
2004 Grafenwörth Johann Muth M. Schluesselberger W. Spannbruckner Hermann Böhz Hermann Böhz
2003 Karl Pesek Erick Liboswar Rudolf Pletka Reinhard Märzinger
2002 Wiener Neustadt Rudolf Pletka Werner Puchas Werner Spannbruckner
2001 Wiener Neudorf Hermann Böhz Anton Weisi Markus Reinisch

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