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Rainer Fritz Lick (born August 8, 1931 in Würzburg ; † August 20, 1982 ) was a German surgeon and university professor. He was instrumental in establishing the emergency nature of the city of Munich involved. Until his death he was chief physician of the 1st surgical clinic, chief medical director of the Coburg rural hospital, academic teaching hospital of the University of Würzburg.


Rainer F. Lick grew up in Würzburg until the city was destroyed in 1945 . Together with his mother and three siblings, he fled to neighboring Marktbreit , where he graduated from high school in 1950. In the 1950/51 winter semester he began studying human medicine, psychology and philosophy at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg , which he completed with the medical state examination.

Also in 1956 he was awarded the title “To the knowledge of parungual fibromas (so-called Koenen tumors)”. med. PhD.

Not without having to fight against resistance, Lick was involved with the graduate engineer Heinrich Schläfer ( Fire Department Munich ) in Munich in setting up an emergency doctor service that was implemented on March 30, 1966. The basis for this were agreements between Fritz Holle, the director of the surgical polyclinic at the University of Munich, and the chief fire director Karl Seegerer regarding the interaction between doctor and technician at the scene of the accident. Lick was commissioned by Holle to look after the entire medical area of ​​the first "Munich Emergency Doctor Service" that resulted from this.

On August 20, 1982, Lick died unexpectedly.



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