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Karl Seegerer (born March 31, 1928 in Amberg ; † February 7, 2015 ) was a German engineer , firefighter and civil servant in the fire service and, in this capacity, head of the Munich fire department from 1965 to 1988 .


In 1942, at the age of 14, Karl Seegerer joined the youth fire brigade in his hometown of Amberg , which was then part of the Hitler Youth . In 1946 he became a member of the city fire brigade's leadership corps. After graduating from high school in 1947, he studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and then, from 1955, completed a traineeship in the fire service at the Cologne fire brigade , where he also spent the first few years of his further professional activity. In 1960 he switched to the professional fire brigade in Munich, which he took over on June 1, 1965. On March 31, 1988, he resigned as Chief Fire Director due to age.

With Fritz Holle, the director of the Surgical Polyclinic at the University of Munich, he agreed on improvements in the Munich rescue service in 1966, in particular with regard to the targeted cooperation between doctor and technician at the scene of the accident, which formed the basis for the surgeon Rainer Fritz Lick and the Fire director Heinrich Schläfer initiated the "Munich Emergency Doctor Service" had been created.

Due to his achievements in the German fire service, Karl Seegerer was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon, the German Fire Service Cross in Gold, the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class (1987) and the Bavarian Order of Merit.

Karl Seegerer was involved in various committees related to fire services, for example in the Fire Brigade Standards Committee , of which he was chairman, in the principle committee of the working group of heads of professional fire services and on the board of the Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection .


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