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Miniature Pinscher

Rattlers are small to medium-sized dogs that were originally used as rat catchers. They were kept as stable dogs to keep the house and yard free of rodents such as rats and mice . Dog breeds that emerged from these working dogs are also referred to as rattlers, regardless of whether they are kept as stable dogs or used as pied pies.

In a narrower sense, the name can refer to the German Pinscher , for which Stallpinscher or Rattler were often used synonymously. But even the dogs, from which the Austrian Shorthair Pinscher breed later emerged (from 1923) , were only referred to as rattlers until the beginning of the 20th century in Austria after their use.

The following are or have been used as rattlers: Small terriers such as the Jack Russell Terrier , the Parson Russell Terrier , the Prague Rattler , the Rat Terrier or the Yorkshire Terrier , small pinschers and schnauzers , the Affenpinscher , Hollandse Smoushond or the Spanish Ratonero - Races.

Jaroslav Hašek , who was a dog dealer himself, created a literary memorial to the ratter (or stable pinscher) through his dog-dealing protagonist Schwejk . The Rattler is also mentioned in Franz Kafka's posthumous writings (NSF I 412).


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