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The Czechoslovak government, Oldřich Černík I , led by Prime Minister Oldřich Černík , was in office from April 8, 1968 to December 31, 1968. It followed the Jozef Lenárt government and was replaced by the Oldřich Černík II government .

Government formation, program

The first government of the politician and communist functionary Oldřich Černík was the only government in Czechoslovakia that was established during the Prague Spring . She was appointed when the democratization process was already in full swing and only a few days after the programmatic declaration of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia , the program of action , was officially adopted on April 5, 1968.

The points of this program were also reflected in the Černík government declaration, although they were formulated only in general terms. The upcoming social changes should be guaranteed by the government's responsibility to the National Assembly. What was essentially new, which was contained in the government declaration, was the commitment to strive for equality under constitutional law through federalization; this was also realized on January 1, 1969 - as the only important item on the program of the reforms planned during the Prague Spring.

This reign also marked the beginning of the later normalization period , the functions of the first prominent representatives of the Prague Spring were replaced, including Interior Minister Josef Pavel , Deputy Prime Minister Ota Šik and Foreign Minister Jiří Hájek .

Government composition

The ministers were in office throughout the regular term of office, unless otherwise stated.

Individual evidence

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