Anselm Meiller

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Anselm Meiller OSB - baptismal name: Johann Caspar (born February 15, 1678 in Amberg ; † September 18, 1761 in Plankstetten ) was a German historiographer , Benedictine and abbot of the Ensdorf monastery .


Meiller attended the Jesuit high school in Amberg. 1697 he put as a Benedictine in Klosterreichenbach the profession from. After studying philosophy in Rott am Inn and theology in Benediktbeuern , he was ordained a priest in 1702 . First he worked in Reichenbach as kitchen master and parish vicar, 1706 as prior. From 1707 to 1710 he worked as a professor of grammar at the Prince-Bishop's Lyceum Freising , before Bonaventura Oberhuber (1662-1735), simultaneously abbot of Reichenbach and Ensdorf, initially in 1710 as a castner to Michelfeld monastery and then to Ensdorf as a pastor. There he was prior from 1713 to 1716 and pushed ahead with the construction of the monastery and church. From October 11, 1716 until his death he was abbot of the Ensdorf monastery. During this time the monastery church was consecrated on December 8th, 1717 and the church tower was completed in 1718 . In 1723 Meiller preached on the six hundred year jubilee of the Jakobskirche in Ensdorf.

A biography of the co-founder of the Ensdorf monastery, Bishop Otto von Bamberg, dates from 1730 . It bears the title Mundi miraculum .

In 1743 a pomp sacristy was set up for Meiller in Ensdorf Monastery, probably financed by the Emperor .


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