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Certificate - Referendar HD - State examination on April 6, 1937 - The President of the Reich Judicial Examination Office

The Reich Justice Examination Office (RJPrA) was set up by the Führer decree of September 21, 1934 ( RGBl. I p. 845) at the Reich Ministry of Justice in Berlin and began its work on November 1st of that year. The president was Otto Palandt , who was appointed by Roland Freisler , then State Secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice. As part of the coordination and centralization of the National Socialist rulers, the previous state justice examination offices becamedissolved and their tasks settled with the Reich Justice Examination Office. In 1934/1935, the entire administration of justice was transferred to the Reich under the slogan "Verreichisierung der Justice". On April 1, 1935, the regional justice ministers were replaced by the presidents of the higher regional court, who, as Reich officials, represented the local authorities. The leadership in Berlin was thus able to exert direct influence on the judiciary.

According to the appointment of the Reich Minister of Justice, the Reich Justice Examination Office was responsible for the supervision of the first state legal examinations , which were held in the various examination centers in Munich , Dresden , Hamburg and Stuttgart , as well as holding the major state legal examination (assessor examination). In addition, it could be entrusted with the processing of general examination matters relating to the higher judicial service.

With the ordinance on the expansion of the Reich Justice Examination Office of February 27, 1935 (RGBl. I p. 342) by the Reich Minister of Justice, Franz Gürtner , the centralized implementation of the major state examination was left to the local authorities. According to Paragraph 1 of the regulation, the RJPrA was in charge of the entire legal examination system. In addition, it set the tasks, supervised the examination offices and examination offices and ensured that the same principles should be applied throughout the Reich and judgments should be made according to the same standard. For this purpose, examination centers have been set up in Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.


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