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A reindeer [ rɛntjeː ] (equivalent of French. Rentier [ ʀɑtje ], female reindeer ) is a person of regular payments in shares or bonds landscaped capital , leasing property or the lease of land alive.

The term "rentier", which is rarely used today, is similar in content and linguistic terms to the pensioner , although the latter does not derive the majority of his income predominantly or entirely from private income, but usually (in German usage) predominantly receives payments from a state pension insurance . Also related in Germany is the pensioner , a retired civil servant who does not receive a pension, but a pension . The term privateer has a similar meaning to rentier .

In medieval France up to the Revolution ( ancien régime ) , the rentier bourgeoisie belonged to the small upper class , which was above all beneficiaries of the work of the peasant population. The rentiers belonged to the affluent and rather conservative part of the very heterogeneous third class and included e.g. B. Bankers, landlords and rental homeowners.

Subsequently, the term was used scientifically by Vilfredo Pareto for sociology (see residuum ) and used critically in the context of so-called rentier states.

In literature and in the theater, the term was used to characterize the late 19th to early 20th century: Gerhart Hauptmann lets the reindeer Krüger appear in his drama Der Biberpelz , Frank Wedekind in his drama Spring Awakening the reindeer boots , Johann, which appeared in 1891 Strauss in his operetta Die Fledermaus den Reindeer Eisenstein , premiered in 1874 , Ludwig Thoma in his satirical comedy Moral den Rentier Beermann .

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