René François Walther de Sluze

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Portret van René-François Walter de Sluse René, François de Sluse, chanoine del'eglise cathedrale de liege et abbe d'Amaij (titel op object), RP-P-1906-764.jpg

René François Walther de Sluze (* July 7, 1622 in Visé , Province of Liège ; † March 19, 1685 in Liège , Wallonia ; also Renatus Franciscus Slusius ) was a Walloon mathematician, canon of Liège and abbot of Amay .

Sluze studied at the University of Leiden from 1638 to 1642 and received a master's degree in law from La Sapienza University in Rome. There he studied several languages, mathematics and astronomy. Slusius embarked on an ecclesiastical career: in 1650 he became canon of Liège, in 1659 he was on the council of the Bishop of Liège, and in 1666 he became abbot of Amay.

Sluze corresponded with Blaise Pascal , Christiaan Huygens , John Wallis and Michelangelo Ricci (1619–1682). In 1674 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society . In addition to his work on mathematics, in which he dealt, among other things, with finding tangents on curves, the cycloids and spirals and which were praised by Wallis, he also wrote, for example, on astronomy and other natural sciences, history and theology.

Various algebraic curves are named after Slusius, including the so-called Pearls of Sluzius (1657/58) by Blaise Pascal .

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