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Robert Wilisch (born March 24, 1846 in Schneeberg (Ore Mountains) , † November 18, 1931 in Plaue-Bernsdorf ) was a German entrepreneur and councilor .


Wilisch was born in the mountain town of Schneeberg in the Saxon Ore Mountains , where Heinrich Wilisch founded one of the first colored paper factories in German-speaking countries.

After attending school in his hometown of Schneeberg, he started a commercial apprenticeship in Chemnitz , after which he settled in Plaue near Flöha . There he founded a factory in 1878, which developed from an early age into the Wilischwerke (company Robert Wilisch, Plaue-Bernsdorf) named after him, in which mainly high-quality chromo, ice cream and colored paper and cardboard were produced. with which Robert Wilisch became known nationwide. After the First World War, this factory was one of the most important and efficient in Saxony.

Robert Wilisch took over the chairmanship of the Germany-wide association of German colored paper manufacturers. Furthermore, Robert Wilisch, as a factory owner, was a member of the district committee of the Royal District Headquarters Chemnitz .

On August 22, 1921, Councilor of Commerce Robert Willisch presented eight large paintings to Friedrich Schiller's Lied von der Glocke as a donation to the local school in Plaue-Bernsdorf, thus proving himself to be a patron.

Throughout his life he remained loyal to his homeland, the Ore Mountains. In his will, he bequeathed the Erzgebirgsverein the sum of 2000 Reichsmarks without a specific purpose. After his death on the morning of the day of repentance in 1931, his son Gottfried Julius Alexander Wilisch continued the company. In 1946, the company was expropriated without compensation and in a state-owned enterprise converted.


Wilischstrasse in Plaue-Bernsdorf
  • While still alive, a street in Plaue-Bernsdorf was named after Robert Wilisch.


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