District Headquarters Chemnitz

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Basic data
Administrative headquarters Chemnitz
surface 2,112 km² (1939)
Residents 1,027,581 (1939)
Population density 487 inhabitants / km² (1939)
Kingdom of Saxony 1895
Kingdom of Saxony 1895.jpg

The Kreishauptmannschaft Chemnitz was an administrative district in the Kingdom of Saxony and later in the Free State of Saxony . The Saxon district chiefs were comparable in terms of their function and size to an administrative district .


Map of the district and administrative authorities 1900 to 1932

In 1874 the four district chiefs of Bautzen , Dresden , Leipzig and Zwickau were established in the Kingdom of Saxony . On October 1, 1900, the eastern part of the Zwickau district team was formed as the fifth Saxon district team, the Chemnitz district team. Subordinate to it were the five administrative authorities (from 1939 districts )

as well as the district-free city of Chemnitz .

In 1910, the municipal administration of Chemnitz was also formed into the Stollberg administration. Glauchau and Meerane were spun off from the Glauchau administration as district-free cities in 1924 .

In 1939 the Chemnitz District Headquarters was renamed the Chemnitz / Erzgebirge administrative region . In 1943 this structure was dissolved.

In 1990 the administrative district of Chemnitz was established , which was renamed the Chemnitz administrative district in 2008 .

Population development

year 1900 1939
Residents 792.393 1,027,581

District Chief

The Authority was the District Chief directed:

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Individual evidence

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