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Romano Viola (born April 20, 1941 in Villadossola , Piedmont ) is an Italian regional politician in South Tyrol .

Political career

After studying philosophy , Viola worked as a teacher of history and philosophy at the humanistic grammar school “G. Carducci ”in Bolzano . In 1961 he began to get involved in the Partito Comunista Italiano (PCI); in the 1970s he was the provincial secretary of the school union in the CGIL . In the legislative period 1980–1985 Viola represented the PCI in the Bolzano municipal council. In 1988 he became a member of the regional council of Trentino-South Tyrol and thus also of the South Tyrolean state parliament . During this legislative period in 1991, Viola took part in the nationwide transition of the PCI to the post-communist Partito Democratico della Sinistra (PDS). Towards the end of the 1993 legislative period, he held the office of President of the South Tyrolean State Parliament.

In 1993, Viola was confirmed for a second legislative period in the regional and state elections and subsequently became the first South Tyrolean regional politician of the former PCI to be a member of the South Tyrolean provincial government , in which he managed the departments of personnel , industry and vocational training in Italian in the Durnwalder II cabinet . His increasing attachment to the politics of the South Tyrolean People's Party finally led to Viola's break with the PDS and the establishment of the one-man faction Autonomia Dinamica in 1996 . After the aspired candidacy of the Italian-speaking Viola on the list of the ethnic collective party SVP turned out to be unrealizable, Viola decided not to run again in 1998 and retired from active politics. He then returned to the Liceo Carducci for a few years .


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