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Romanus Berg (born August 9, 1894 in Lebehnke , Deutsch Krone district , † October 8, 1978 in Stade ) was a German worker and politician (KPD).


Romanus Berg attended the elementary school and the advanced training school in Oberwiesenthal one after the other . From 1910 to 1911 he went on sea voyages abroad and then worked as a shipyard worker for three years until 1914. From 1914 to 1918 Berg was a sailor on the VI. German torpedo boat flotilla in the First World War.

After the end of the war, Berg worked as a worker for the Reichsbahn from 1919 to 1923. From 1924 to 1931 he found employment in the building trade. In 1919 Berg joined the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). In the same year he married. From 1929 Berg was a city councilor in Schneidemühl for his party. In July 1932 he ran successfully for the Reichstag , in which he represented constituency 5 (Frankfurt an der Oder) until March 1933.

After the National Socialist " seizure of power ", Berg was arrested on March 15, 1933 and then held in the Hammerstein concentration camps near Schneidemühl , Lichtenburg and Esterwegen . After his release on September 29, 1934, Berg worked as a casual laborer and as a foreman in the construction industry. From August 1940 to August 1944 he took part in the Second World War; most recently as a master's mate in Nice .

After 1945 Berg lived in Lower Saxony, where he was again involved in the KPD. In the federal election in 1949 he ran unsuccessfully in the constituency of Stade - Bremervörde .


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