Ross sub-area

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Ross Dependency
Ross sub-area
New Zealand flag
Official language English
Capital Scott Base ( de facto )
Form of government Secondary area (claim not recognized internationally)
Head of state Queen Elizabeth II
Head of government David Washer
(Scott Base Lt Commander)
surface 413,540 km²
population 280 (ward staff in winter)
Population density 0.00068 inhabitants per km²
currency New Zealand dollar
Time zone UTC +12
Internet TLD .nz, .aq
Telephone code 64 2409
Ross-Nebengebiet (Neuseeland) Australisches Antarktis-Territorium Adélieland (Frankreich) Australisches Antarktis-Territorium Königin-Maud-Land (Norwegen) (südliche und nördliche Grenze nicht definiert) Peter-I.-Insel (Norwegen) Chilenisches Antarktisterritorium Britisches Antarktis-Territorium Vereinigtes Königreich/Argentinien Argentinien/Vereinigtes Königreich/Chile Chile/Vereinigtes Königreich Südgeorgien und die Südlichen Sandwichinseln Marie-Byrd-Land (wird von keinem Staat beansprucht)Ross Dependency in Antarctica.svg
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The Ross Dependency (English Ross Dependency ) is that of New Zealand claimed share of the Antarctic . It covers an area of ​​around 750,310 km² (336,770 km² of which is ice shelf ) between 160 ° east and 150 ° west longitude . The area includes parts of Victoria Land as well as Scott Island and the Balleny Islands , as well as the Edward VII Peninsula and the Siple Coast east of the Ross Sea and Ice Shelf , which geographically belong to the Marie Byrd Land . This is almost twice the size of New Zealand itself. However, New Zealand's claims to the area are not internationally recognized and are currently postponed due to the Antarctic Treaty . The British government defined the name and boundaries of the area by an Order in Council on July 30, 1923 and transferred its administration to what was then Dominion New Zealand with effect from August 16, 1923 .

The area is not permanently inhabited, but in fact there are always around 280 scientists stationed on Ross Island , mainly at McMurdo Station and Scott Base . Some other countries, including Germany, have only temporarily occupied summer stations in Victoria Land. New Zealand has had a post office at Scott Base since 1957, using stamps with the inscription Ross Dependency from 1957 to 1987 and again since 1994 .

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Coordinates: 80 ° 0 ′ 0 ″  S , 180 ° 0 ′ 0 ″  O