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Rublyovka ( Russian Рублёвка ) is in Russia a widespread unofficial name of the stretch of land around the arterial road Rubljowo-Uspenskoe Shosse ( Рублёво-Успенское шоссе ) immediately west of the city limits of Moscow . Characteristic for this area is the large number of representative villas and extremely high land prices.


The Chaussee near the Setun Bridge

The Rubljowo-Uspenskoje-Chaussee artery begins in Moscow immediately before the city limits and the MKAD ring road in the Krylatskoje district and leads around 20 km to the Uspenskoye settlement, from where it is continued by a smaller country road to Zvenigorod . The road was built in 1903, and in 1912 a bridge over the Setun River was added.

The history of Rublyovka as a noble suburb began about in the 1930s, when far from their Moscow part of Rubljowskoje-road, in the former suburb Kunzewo , the dacha (summer house) Josef Stalin was born, where he died 1953rd At the same time, further dachas for high-ranking party officials and sanatoriums for the political elite were built west of the city limits. The fact that Rublyowo-Uspenskoje-Chaussee was chosen for this was primarily due to the scenic attractiveness and ecologically favorable location of this area: The location south of the banks of the Moskva , in the middle of coniferous forests, and the lack of any industrial facilities all around, with good connections at the same time the Moscow center made the Rublevka an excellent place to relax.

Luxury villas near Ussowo on the Rublevka

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the privatization of the land, it became possible for everyone to purchase a piece of land on the Rublevka. Since this was still regarded as an elite suburb, the demand for Rublyovka properties rose rapidly in the early and mid-1990s, as everyone who could afford it preferred to live “close to the elite”. In the next few years the land prices rose steadily here. Today there is hardly a piece of land on Rublyovka to be had for less than the equivalent of 1,000 euros per square meter. The villas built on them often fetch prices of ten million and more. As a rule, the villas are not located directly on the road, but in specially built colonies that are hermetically sealed off from the outside world and into which no non-residents can enter without a special permit. Since numerous high-ranking politicians also live here - including the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Novo-Ogaryovo estate - the street itself is closely guarded by the police. Only a few old wooden houses, especially old dachas, are left along the road.


The road at the entrance to Ussowo; The terminus of the branch line from Moscow can be seen on the right

The term Rublyovka is often mistaken for a place name, but it is only an unofficial term that cannot be found on any map. Rather, Rublyovka is everything that lies on Rublyowo-Uspenskoje-Chaussee and in the immediate vicinity. This also includes the settlements of Rublyowo , Ussowo , Barwicha , Nikolina Gora , Rosdory and Uspenskoje .

Railway line

A remnant from the times when the Rublevka was not as elitist as it is today is a railway branch line that branches off the main line Moscow - Smolensk - Minsk in Kunzewo and goes to Ussowo with four intermediate stations in Romashkowo , Rasdory, Barwicha and Ilyinskoye leads. To this day, an Elektritschka , i.e. a suburban train, can be used to get from the Belarusian railway station to the Rublevo-Uspenskoje-Chaussee. However, railway fans in Russia expect this branch line to be closed in the foreseeable future, as the railway line is only used by the few long-time residents of the Rublevka. Today the route is still served by a little over ten pairs of trains every day.


In 2007, German director Irene Langemann shot a documentary about Rublyovka under the name Rublyovka - Straße zur Glückseligkeit , which deals with the luxurious life of the villa owners on Rublyovka and sometimes extremely unfair methods with which real estate speculators try to drive away the last long-established residents , goes.

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